All in a day’s travel

Gardens, they are an island of comfort in this world. Even if I do have to pull weeds. I was traveling in Manitoba last week and it was not quite what I thought it would be. I didn’t really read up on it before going as it was for work anyway, not a vacation, but I did think since they have lots of rivers and lakes that it would be hilly. Well, no. As it turns out it is the flattest place in North America. I missed the garden while traveling, but not the weeding. I arrived back to cucumbers, a few early tomatoes, dill, the most beautiful head of broccoli I have ever grown, beans and of course a couple of baseball bat sized zucchini that nobody wants to eat. When I left they were the size of my finger, but it rained, a lot.

The great thing, strangely, about going to Winnipeg, was the flight there and back. We flew over Lake Michigan and over the southern end of county I am from, Leelanau and it was hazy, but beautiful to see it from the sky. Ah the Lake, I miss the Lake in summer as now I live in Lansing, MI. On the return flight we flew over Thunder Bay(Lake Superior), Isle Royal, the Keeweenaw Peninsula, Marquette and then South and directly over Leelanau County. Crystal clear and at 31,000 feet I could actually see our family farm (cherries, apples and farm market new potatoes). It passed too quickly and that glimpse of one of the most beautiful places on earth from the sky made the whole trip worth it. Well, most of the trip. Trying to eat gluten free from a college campus cafeteria, not fun and not tasty. Thus missing the garden and did I mention, cooking.

So I decided to start a blog and here it is. Stay tuned. I just had to post something today to see how it works.

While in Winnipeg I did see this great band Men in Kilts.Fabulous, full of energy and fun! Check them out. I guess they have a tough time getting gigs in the US (customs, border crossing stuff), but maybe with some effort…someday.

Monday is for mojitos. I will post my friend Ragnar’s most delish mojito recipe soon. If you aren’t growing fresh mint, well time to start as this drink is addicting and might I add, refreshing.
I will be making my favorite italian style mac and cheese (need some comfort food after Winnipeg) this eve. Maybe I will figure out how to post recipes by tomorrow. It will be gluten free of course, with proscuitto and fontina cheese. I am thinking of adding dried tomatoes (last year’s garden harvest, must make room for this year’s). Yummo!