chicken salad and root canals

Yesterday I had a root canal. We all know they are not fun, so I will skip the details.
Things you crave and want to eat right after a root canal but can’t because your jaw can’t open, you can’t chew and you are still numb:

Chips and salsa
French bread ( I really need to find something to replace a crusty loaf of any bread)

What you can eat: gluten free (beginning to dislike those words already) mac and cheese.

Being a redhead, I wear off the normal shots they give you for numbing and pain in about 20 minutes, 1/2 hour tops. So they wisely gave me a numbing shot that should last for 8 hours and figured it might last 6 and sure enough, six hours later, I could feel again. Nothing like starting to unnumb right when they are getting down to the bottom of your root.

Ah happy gas…..

I have a bushel of garden tomatoes that need to learn how to can themselves.
I have been dining on fresh tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzerella with a little olive oil, salt and pepper as well as fresh chives almost every night. Yummo!

What does chicken salad have to do with this blog today? Nothing, I made it for lunch with cashews, celery and dried cherries.

i’m out.

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