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This evening, after visiting my garden and the 4 foot high weeds, I have decided to inventory all the plants (minus weeds) that are growing in no particular order. This is mostly to help me next year in planting less, I hope.

Garden Inventory:

tomatoes (about 42 plants, about 10 varieties – too many yellow)
green chiles (about 20 plants – don’t need more plants, just fertilizenext year)
poblano chiles
red bell peppers
green bell peppers
hungarian peppers (which happen to be very hot)
collard greens
broccoli rabe (mistakenly mis-tagged – lucky me)
brussel sprouts
swiss chard
red leaf lettuce
green leaf lettuce
butter lettuce
leeks (there were supposed to be scallions too, but they are all leeks – about 60 of them!)
acorn squash (three plants are taking over 1/2 the garden – next year no squash, don’t really like it enough to have bushel full)
sweet peas
pole beans – kentucky and italian flat
tomatillos (these are coming up from last year and once i realized it wasn’t a weed I have let them grow – bonus as I saw no tomatillo plants for sale)
swiss chard
purple potato (missed one from last year and it grew again after over wintering)
horseradish (grew from neighbors garden roots after tilling now taking over garden where acorn squash isn’t)
dill (from last year’s seed)
radish (these were in my neighbors plot, but planted for both our use – but they didn’t grow well)
zucchini (almost forgot that one, how could I)

cilantro and bonus, now I have coriander as it bolted

I think that’s it. I have a full perennial herb garden too, but that is a different post.

With today’s broccoli harvest I made chicken divan ala my style – chicken dijon with chicken, broccoli, a chicken broth based creamy dijon wine sauce and parmesan cheese – yummo. Served over rice cooked in chicken broth and fresh herbs. I used a fine rice flour from the asian market (Indian isle) and it worked great for making a roux.
And of course fresh tomatoes (one brandywine and one yellow, I even peeled them this time) with olive oil, torn basil, chives, sea salt and loads of freshly ground black pepper. I eat this salad almost every day. Delish.

i’m out

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