on a Sagittarian being domestic

Hum, everything you read about Sagittarians is basically me, I am uber Sag really. Except for one little thing. Domesticness. Is that a word even? For lack of a greater disposable income I have traded travel for domesticity. I still travel mind you, all the time, just not where I want to travel all the time and not out of the county nearly enough.

Today’s domestic list:
Blanched and froze Swiss chard, broccoli, pole beans and collard greens (it’s the southerner in me) and am about to can hot dilly beans and then while they are processing I will roast the dozens of green chiles that I have harvested from the garden. I am going to roast some jalapenos too as I have too many to eat in a timely fashion.
Tomatoes will have to wait. I tried to connect my beer burner to the propane supply and the hose won’t fit. I was sold a lame propane tank that must be returned so that I can process tomatoes outside. This is so much nicer than heating your kitchen up in August and giving yourself steam baths.

I suppose having a garden in general is too grounding for most Sagittarians. And I have two. Hum, no, no Cancer moon, trust me. Taurus moon.

i’m out.

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