demise of beer consumption

First of all, blogger lost my post and this is what I have recovered. Next time it would be nice to know, that while doing maintance, that one should not post. I am in the process of making everything below readable. Patience, not one of my virtues (spelling either) but maybe one of yours….

I have decided that I must give up drinking home brewed beer and along with that, stop brewing the beer I drink. I have been down and out about it. Isn’t it enough that I have to give up all normal breads, crackers, cookies? Apparently not says the upper intestine. I had been holding out hope that I as a celiac/gluten intolerant newbie, would be able to continue drinking beer, home brewed beer and micro brews based on this article:

I even gave a copy to my gastro doc to read and tell me what he thinks. Of course he said, (after reading the article) that based on the info in the article, he thought it might be okay to drink beer, if it is really filtered. Well, most homebrews and delicious micro brews are not that filtered and I have done a little experimenting and as I stated above, now believe that I will have to give them up. I still feel that I might be able to drink Pacifico (my Mexican fav) or maybe a Stroh’s (stroh’szac as I like to call it), but what I deem as regular beer, must go. Sure, you the reader are thinking, so what???? You can still drink rum, vodka, wine and hard cider. What you may not realize is that brewing and drinking homebrews is an enormous part of my social life.

This decision sucks. Really sucks.

However, I am going to try to brew some yummy gluten free beer and develop some great recipes. But the wind has temporarily left my sails. I am sure a breeze will come by again. I belong to not one, but two homebrew clubs and work part time at a brewery as a bartender. I could be happier if gluten free bread tasted ok or if I found a decent pizza dough replacement or if the whole world didn’t use soy sauce (second ingredient: wheat), but now the beer. If anyone has a great gluten free porter recipe please send it my way.

I haven’t really been too down and out about having to maintain a gluten free life as I feel much better when there is no gluten in my system, but the beer gods have knocked me down to the ground with this one. Training all my friends and family to think gluten free is a slow process. They have no incentive to do it unless I am around. I will have to have a traveling vodka/rum bottle to take with me to every backyard beer event. Or a six pack of hard cider. I will have to get cracking on making large quantities of that this fall.

I have known this blog was coming since last Saturday (day of experimental beer drinking) and have been holding back as once it is on paper or the internet, well, then it is a done deal.

Now, time to get on with my life and well, I do love mojitos….and a great bottle of wine. Guess I will live, well, even longer now minus the gluten.Since my basement is well stocked with beer, I think I will have a blowout backyard party (once the privacy fence is up, but that’s a different blog day) and have all my friends over to help me get rid of my beer stash. When they ask, what can I bring, the answer will be……RUM!!!

Grumpy ramblings shall end here and now…after all, it’s Friday and …what’s that??? There’s a mojito calling my name from the kitchen…

I’m out.

cooled couches

Why doesn’t someone design a couch that has an internal chiller, like the SAAB car seats that heat up? Couch temps could be controlled, warm or cold. It seems to me that if I could sit on a chilled couch that I wouldn’t need as much air conditioning and same in winter if my couch could heat up. Thus, cost and energy savings for all.

Someone will like the idea and market it soon.

Here is a pic of my garden, the one in my backyard. I have a community garden plot too, which is slightly weedier than the one pictured below.


Soon I will be unable to keep up with the tomatoes and canning will commence.

I am still searching for the best gluten free pizza dough (a mix or frozen or recipe), if anyone has suggestions, please send them my way. What I made last night….well let’s just say, the toppings were tasty.

Hollandaise sauce: best possible use of eggs with the except of bearnaise sauce, which really is the same thing as hollandaise plus tarragon.

Feeling uninspired…..

Tuesdays are for Mojitos

Ok, so I never made my mojito last night. Truth be told, I hadn’t really had but one cocktail since last Tuesday (I was under the weather enjoying the Noro virus while in Winnipeg and then inadvertently ate something with gluten in it, so the system was down for the count for 4.5 days) so decided, why not wait a night and go virtually a week without cocktailing?

The wait is over. Energy is back. Heat is scorching. Mojitos are refresco!

Thank goodness for central air!!!!! Those of you just stopping by this post should realize that most people in Lansing do not have air conditioning, why, I do not know as it is ALWAYS disgustingly hot and humid here in July and August. Up North, in goddess country, you don’t really need AC, just a fan for those really hot days, which thanks to global warming, are going to increase, so just do yourselves a favor and go get central air installed in your houses. I love run on sentences, always have. Why am I in Lansing instead of goddess country? A job with retirement and beni’s. Thought I would only be here two years. Going on 6.5 now. It does grow on you, Lansing, after about 4 years. I think you just give in. At least we have lots of Thai and Indian restaurants and the MSU Spartan sports.

Here is my friend Ragnar’s mojito recipe. Check out her blog at She needs help weeding her garden. Every time I raid her mint patch (mojito heaven) I now pull twice as many weeds as sprigs of mint. I think that is fair, don’t you?

Mojitos….simply the best thing to drink, ever.

Put 1/4 of a lime (sliced into several pieces) and 10-20 mint leaves (about three stalks worth) in the bottom of a tall glass (pint sized rather than hi-ball) and “muddle” them (that is to say “crush”) until the limes have been juiced and the mint leaves are bruised. If you don’t have a muddler you can use a wooden spoon. Then add approximately a jigger (3 ounces, or two shot glasses) each of simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar, heated until all the sugar is dissolved and then chilled) and rum and a shot (1.5 ounces) of lime juice, fill the rest of the glass with club soda and stir. Serve iced. You can of course adjust any of those amounts based on your personal taste, and you can drink them without the rum.

They are good without rum too, I guess they would be like limeaid with loads of mint. You really do need to use a lot of mint, seems like you are about to drink mint salad? That’s the right amount. After some testing, I have decided that Mount Gay rum (from Barbados) is the best, then Appleton (Jamaican), but then I always think Mt Gay is best.

Knitting, I am starting an new project, a poncho/sweater. It is a really simple pattern that I can knit at all times without needing to review the pattern. I have several wonderful colors of yarn, 4 out of the 5 colors are the actual sheep color (different shades of brown) from New Zealand. The 5th color is a light heathery sagey green. My friend brought the yard back (found a little farm in the middle of nowhere, NZ) with a challenge. Knit a sweater by this time next year or give the yard back. Well, I am not a fast knitter and usually start each project 5 times before it really gets going, so needless to say, one year later, I was losing the challenge. Being my friend, she gave me a grace period and I pulled it off and knit a beautiful poncho/throw/sweater (as soon as I figure out photo posting I will post a pic of it) and there was so much yarn left, I am knitting one for her too. Just have to have it finished by Solstice.

I might work on it tonight, after I drink that mojito. Before I drink the second one.

Need to have a pillaging and plundering session soon (otherwise known as “knitting at the bar”…our gang has been slacking, but then, it is summer), that will really get the projects going.