procastination motion

Over the weekend I was at my Aunt’s house sipping a margarita and visiting with family and upon leaving, guess what I saw on the kitchen shelf? That’s right, a rooster pitcher. If you recall, the profile to the right of this blog has a little statement about rooster pitchers.

“For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:
Which end of the rooster does the maple syrup come out of? Chic-kens!!”

I saw that pitcher and started laughing. Well to answer my question the syrup is supposed to flow from the beak. I bet you were all dying to know.

I think it is a sign. Not sure what kind of sign, but I do smile everytime I think about it. Maybe I will knit a rooster hat for the winter.
My brother has started to raise pheasants, quail and chickens. I bet he would love a rooster hat.

On a different topic I seem to have this tomato canning avoidance system in me right now. I desperately need to can the tomatoes which are falling off the vines in my gardens, but feel like doing nothing about it. I think this is a result of being gone for 11 days. And the fact that I have to return a tank of gas in order to can and that is a pain.
I am in a procrastination mode. The eggplants are ready too. Think I will roast those and freeze them. I need to get out of this funk. You know the i’m broke and my house needs cleaning and the tomatoes are ripe all at the same time kind of funk.
I need to cook, something that I’ve never made before. Something spicy, something mood changing. Send ideas. Use garden veggies. Send lobster.

i’m out

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