cold camping and lots of fun

This weekend I went to Wheatland music fest where typically it is very hot even though it is the first weekend in September. This year, not the case, and I didn’t really pay attention to the weather report, cause I never do.

Chilly describes it a little. It went down to the low 40’s one night, and it rained. Both nights. Now this might sound miserable to some, but I love camping like this. Waking up to bacon and hot coffee every morn, huddling under the gazebo to get out of the rain, not playing my mandolin even once, but getting lots of knitting accomplished. All great. It could have only been better if we had a bonfire too.

I had a lot of fun pulling muscles (can’t elaborate here), dancing, hanging with great friends, not sleeping, having a few cocktails, oh yeah, and listening to music. I even got a little sunburnt when the sun remembered who we were on Sunday.

Pillaging and plundering ( knitting at the bar) will take place tomorrow night. This will get me going on the winter knitting projects (sweater is almost finished) and solstice gifts. It has been too long since a little P&P has taken place. And it will be ladies night…..

i’m out

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