marry me risotto

Every once in a while I cook something that tastes so fabulous I think, wow, if a guy tasted this he would fall over and ask me to marry him. It’s that good. I have my marry me polenta and now, the marry me risotto. The only catch is, the guy has to like polenta or mushroom risotto.
Somehow I have gone my entire adult life without making my own risotto. I am not sure how this happened, it always seemed very labor intensive to make gooey rice. But today, I had two types of mushrooms that needed to be used and decided to make mushroom risotto. So good, first try. I had to force myself to stop eating it to save room for the last of the garden’s pole beans. I am already looking forward to eating it for breakfast. I don’t really care for most typical breakfast foods anyway.

For the record, the onion/white bean gratin dish from the other night had great flavor, but you cannot, repeat, cannot use gluten free bread as a substitute for stale crusty sourdough. The dish would be better without any bread, or just on the top layer. The bread desolved into the wine. So, less wine next time and no bread.

You have probably noticed that all of the above has nothing to do with knitting. Blogging is a conscious choice to not knit for a few minutes. Hard to do. I have 5 projects that I am working on before solstice. Ok, 6. But this is a food, garden and knitting blog, so once in a while I have to mention getting knitty with it.

Ah, sitting next to a nice fire in the wood stove, knitting and drinking some nice spicy red wine. What a life I have. Especially if you add in the marry me risotto. Snap crackle pop says the mulberry wood in the fire. Did I mention I used shallots and fresh herbs from the garden in the risotto???

i’m out

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  1. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don’t always write about celiac stuff, but I usually write about food … for it is food I love!I am enjoying the Ramapo Valley, but I haven’t really looked into hard cider (I know a lot of those types of drinks have Malt in them, and as much as wheat makes me wonky, barley’s even worse for me), but … being from Upstate NY, I *should* … sounds yummy.I will dig through my old recipes and see what I can find for “crusty bread” … I got a bread maker and make my own bread now, and I know I have an old but awesome sourdough recipe (which, if I recall, turned out great … and I spent 1/2 my life in San Francisco, so I know my sourdough).If you ever need to vent or want to swap recipes/ideas/products, let me know! I’m always up to talk to another Celiac lady!Yay! Kitten.

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