Turkey day count down begins now

Now that it is November, I feel as though I can admit that I have been mulling over what fabulous dishes I will serve on Thanksgiving day. I pulled out all my November additions of my cooking magazines for this year and last and shall begin the process of designing the perfect turkey feast. My new challenge this year will be to create stuffing with out any normal bread. Stuffing is in fact my favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner, well, only if there is gravy to put on it. I could care less about pumpkin pies, dinner rolls or Jello (which is not a salad, ick), give me the stuffing. So new ideas are in need this year.

I have tomorrow off, election day. I am planning a glorious day of recipe conversion and research, since it is now too cold to do yard work. Of course, I will knit too. Voting will fit in there as well, as I feel obligated to take advantage of my civic duty.
I will fill you in on the details of the trip to Chicago last weekend. Am I the only one who can walk up to a cheese counter and spend $40 on 8 small wedges of the cheeses this world has to offer?

Stay tuned….
i’m out

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