50 hours to go and brief synopsis of the last 6 weeks

Really, I haven’t forgotten to blog, I just haven’t had time. Really. Not sure where the extra time in my life has gone, but will blog on probable causes soon. I started baking my own bread, made some delish cardamom shortbread cookies, enjoyed thanksgiving, spent a week in the UP(Upper Peninsula of Michigan) at a casino for work(sounds strange I know), had a birthday (the 6th 33rd bday) visited 10 farms for my job and went up north for 5 days for the holidays. I missed the Solstice toast at a friend’s house by 3 minutes for being too busy. I knit a super long double layer scarf, two baby dready hats, a poncho and a new baby hat. And, remember those cookies I mentioned? I worked on a bunch of GF recipes and typed them directly into my computer. Computer….fried. Will now begin the physical dumping of the hard drive. Those were it’s final words to me. All recipes gone. All photos from Thanksgiving (cute niece and nephew photos to boot) —– gone. That will teach me to back things up, won’t it?

So, fitting that it is almost the new year and I can begin anew.
Anew with a kitchaid mixer to be my lovely assistant as I begin the lifetime achievement of baking all of my own baked goods. Anew with a new toaster that has never met a slice of gluten, anew with several cookbooks, some GF and some for “entertaining under the influence”, a retro view of the good life and anew with ultra sharp kitchen knives.

Time to start thinking on the New Year’s resolutions. I only have 50 hours or so and the last several of the 50 will certainly be under the influence of champagne. So I need a head start.
I can foresee that some resolutions will have to do with finances, blogging, more reading less knitting (not sure about this one), removing dust bunnies on a more regular basis, and of course, exercise (or diet, which would you choose?). I think I will have to make a mojito calendar to ensure that they are regularly consumed. This will involve adding mint to the food budget in winter (this relates to the first afore mentioned possible resolution) and I will need a fresh flower budget too. Life is pretty good right now. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings, but don’t want to let go of this one just yet. Lucky me, I still have 50 hours.

i’m out