Drogging, drunk blogging.

I have to blog right now. After two pitchers of margaritas on a Friday night with one of my best friends, I have to blog. Cause who doesn’t want to drog after that. I am about to stir fry some delish Thai food, basil, beef, a delish mix of fish sauce, broth and wheat free tamari, onion, garlic and well, who knows. Who cares……some brown rice on the stove. when I am finished, it will be fab. And I will be happily still tequilaed. In fact I am currently under the drog influence and wondering if, since it is Friday night, can justify one more margarita, if I can still mix it? Maybe not. Need to stir fry first.

Just baked some delicious bread, recipe to follow when not under the influence. Yummo bread with rosemary, onion, pepper, garlic and parm.

Ok, enough drogging, till later. Must go Thai of sorts, stir fry.

i’m out

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