sushi rolls and slurpy soup

Sushi roll success

crab sushsi 2

The edamame got a little over cooked. But the sushi turned out great. I used cream cheese since I didn’t have any avocado and wanted a creamy (american) element. I tossed the crab with GF tamari and fresh ginger to freshen it up as the fake crab was a little sweet for my taste. The black specks are black sesame (for some crunch) as I have no caviar on hand.

sushi yum

Instead of miso soup, I decided to make a pho bo style soup with dried mushrooms instead of bo. I like a little tofu in my miso and had none, but had leftover pho veggies. It turned out pretty well. I could eat pho bo (vietnamese soup with beef and noodles) almost every day I think. I ran out of Thai basil, but included mint, cilantro, green onion, serrano chile and then used chinese napa cabbage sliced super thin instead of sprouts as I was not going to go to the store for sprouts and this added the crunch texture that bean sprouts would have. A big squeeze of lime over the veggies and noodles and pour over the broth. Yummo,

close up pho

i’m full and….

i’m out

3 thoughts on “sushi rolls and slurpy soup

  1. Hey, that looks tasty! I used to make sushi all the time, but now I live in a neighborhood where there are a bunch of sushi places in walking distance so I’m lazy… But I love avocado rolls or philadelphia rolls. I hear there are some teff tortillas out by The Tortilla Factory but unfortunately no one near me seems to carry them- I agree about the brown rice ones, although they are better warm. Oh yes, and which SY pizza crust recipe did you try? Just curious. 😉 I’m on there also.Best,

  2. This is the pizza recipe. I made a new one tonight and have to say, so far, I like the Chebe pizza crust mixes. However, I did make some pita bread from Bette Hagmans book recently and think those will be great as small pizzas. See photos above. I used flax seed or oat bran instead of almond meal. The silly yaks recipe I didn’t like was this one: SillyYaks Recipe – GF Whole Grain Bread, shared by SY member, K Oland in December 2005The crabmeat (I think I got it at Kroger) is Trans Ocean brand. There are others out there too, but you just have to check the labels, of course.

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