I meant to mention this last week. I bought a tortilla press. I thought if 10 million Mexican women can do it, so can I, so I did. However I think I made my dough a little too stiff. My tortillas turned out, but had a real chew factor to them. So I turned them into an enchilada casserole along with some shredded charcoal grilled chicken and some wonderful NM red chile. I am low on medium, so had to use mostly hot red chile. The chicken was grilled whole which gives it a wonderful smoked flavor and turns it light pink on the outside under the skin. Normally this only takes about 45 min on a hot grill in summer, but it is January and it is Michigan and it is finally snowy out, so this one took about an hour and 15 minutes. Good thing we had lots of wine to drink!

To the chicken part of the enchiladas I added roasted poblano peppers (from the garden) and raw onions. I love the crunch factor of some slightly cooked onions in my enchiladas. Layer it up with tortillas, chix mix and cheese and pour on a wonderful NM red chile sauce. I have to make some version of these every two weeks on average.

The reason I started this tortilla blog was to inform you that I have found GF tortillas. Now for the longest time I thought, what the heck do I ever need a flour tortilla for? But I have come to recognize that corn tortillas will never get as large as the flour ones and can’t really be used to make wraps. In my local health food store, lying in the freezer I spotted them. Really I was looking to see if any new frozen pizza crusts had been developed. Earlier in the day I had been reading my EveryDay Food Mag (I know, the books are still waiting, but the food mags get immediate attention) and in there was a recipe for an extra thin, crispy pizza crust with asiago cheese, red onions and mushrooms. I thought, hum, I have wanted to attempt something similar for a while, but there are no GF flourlike tortillas in my neck of the world.

And there they were. Not very many of them, maybe 6 for about $2.79. But I gladly paid for the chance to make a wrap as my homemade GF bread (with the exception of a couple of loaves) doesn’t really hold up well for sandwiches. I am on the road for my job a lot and it would be nice to have some hand held food.

I will update you on the tortillas once I taste them. They are made with brown rice flour and rice bran.

Time to knit.

i’m out

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  1. Hello dear,You commented on a gluten free post of mine awhile back. I wanted to tell you that AMY’S makes the gluten free (and also gluten/dairy free) version of a spinach pizza. Tell your WHOLE FOODS that they need to get it. It’s really pretty good!!I find the WF in my area (and I’m in So Cal, so there are a lot, to be fair) are relatively nice and accommodating when I ask for a product they don’t have.

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