Yet another pizza crust trial….

So, I am always on the search for the perfect Gluten Free pizza crust, the one that makes me say, yum, I would eat that with no toppings. I tried a new recipe this eve, one I found on Silly Yaks (must learn how to make those little links someday) and well, it doesn’t have the wow factor. Yes, I can eat it, but…once again I would rather just eat the delish toppings. This one has artichoke hearts, roasted red and yellow peppers (from Trader Joes), calamata olives, loads of onions, spinach and pepperoni (Hormel is GF by the way), oh, mozz and parm too of course. I make my own tomato sauce from last summer’s canned garden tomatoes.

Once I have found or created my perfect bread and pizza recipes, I hope to have more time to blog. I don’t know how all those bloggers do it, between cooking, working, knitting and experimenting with the Kitchen aid and 14 different flours. I have a pile of books weeping in the corner from being ignored. It has been all about the kitchen. Ok, I do get in the occasional movie, but even my Food Network watching is down, but that might be because they seem to have a lack of true cooking shows anymore. Unless that is, you don’t work during the day and can catch them then.

It is time for a Gluten Free cooking show. Sadly, Food Network didn’t like the DVD I sent them last year. I wasn’t diagnosed with Celiac yet anyway, but was and am a gardener and there is a lack of vegetable gardening and using and preserving your own produce in the kitchen shows.

On a totally different subject: Drogging, ie Drunk Blogging can lead to extreme headaches the next day, as if you didn’t know that already.

I have had some successes and I will try to post them soon. Some great knitting projects, some great food creations that I used to make and haven’t attempted the GF version.

Between now and Mid Feb I plan to continue to bake the ultimate loaf of bread and will begin working on homemade pasta so that I can have ravioli again! Along with that, wonton dough, egg rolls (for frying) and samosa dough. In March, once I have assembled the ingredients, I plan to brew some gluten free beer, a nice hoppy IPA style and a nice dark porter style. I have 4 ongoing knitting projects in the works to finish too.

Before I sign out, I have been working my way through what I am calling the GF brownie challenge from Gluten Free Goddess’s website
and have to agree, the GF Pantry Truffle brownie mix wins, by a large margin.

i’m out

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