back to asia and some more breads

One day this winter I tried to satisfy my craving for spring rolls/egg rolls and make my favorite Vietnamese style rolls. Since I can’t use regular spring roll wrappers, I tried to use spring roll papers – the rice ones. This worked ok. They were sticking to each other and breaking open while frying. Even though I was frustrated I decided to freeze the ones that we didn’t fry up. Well, I am happy to report, that a little time in the deep freeze produces the perfect GF eggroll! It dried out the rice paper enough that it could withstand a bit of frying and a lot of dipping!

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Here is some pita I recently made. These had great flavor and a chewy crunch. However, they need to be eaten in a day or two or they get tough. I used Bette Hagman’s bread book Pita recipe and it works great. I used ground flax seed once and oatmeal bran once in place of almond meal. In fact, I haven’t used the recipe as is yet. Under cook them a bit if you want to use them more like actual pitas.

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And finally, some fat free, egg free french bread. Also out of one of Bette Hagman’s books. I modified it by adding fresh rosemary and roasted garlic. This loaf is great for making garlic bread or little bruscettas.
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Ok, finally again. Here’s some yummy GF mac and cheese. I tossed in a little andouille sausage, topped it with some canned tomatoes (from the garden – my supply is diminishing fast) and some homemade GF bread crumbs (from a loaf of sourdough). Creamy, crunchy and a bit of spice and tang.

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A few sweets to tempt…and some demi glace

A little story about a tart. My brother was in town for the weekend, babies and wife too. He got up early in the morning on Sunday and pulled out my Rebecca Reilly GF cook book and made a pastry dough and filled with the pear tart. But first he had to drive to the local store and get pears, butter and heavy cream (hum, I always run out of butter when he is in town). The filling is a combo of heavy cream, ground almonds and eggs. Then top it off with sliced pears. When you are finished baking it, top it with apricot jam warmed up with a bit of cognac to make a nice glaze.
Here it is unbaked:
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What is note worthy to me is, that he just pulled the book down, rummaged through my GF jars of flour and put it together. No fear. I might have thought about it for days first. Although he did mention that he wanted to bake one since the moment he arrived. I was lucky enough to wake up to something delicious in the oven.

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We topped it with the leftover homemade whipped cream that I made for the flourless chocolate cake. This cake is so not cakey and rich. I made a ganache topping. The recipe I used is from and is here:

The camera I used isn’t the best, but here’s the photo. Mind you the taste is all that mattered.

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And one more…
For Valentine’s Day I made these for my sweetie and a few friends:
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These are little lavender tarts from Gluten Free Girl’s lavender tart recipe,, however, I must have done something wrong, as they wouldn’t set up. Could be that I used regular sugar to save a trip to the store. So I froze them. But they had great taste.

While my bro was in town, we made some veal demi glace (GF) so that I would have my own supply for those demi glace emergencies. He is in love with learning all there is to know about the French classics and I, everything ethnic (except using chicken claws – I have to draw the line somewhere). Demi glace is a two day event, but it is so decadent that it might be worth it (when your bro is in town and does most of the work – however he leaves copious amounts of dirty dishes). I now have most of a pint jar of the elixir in my freezer.

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Oh my larb!

I finally uploaded a bunch of photos and will post them here soo, but first, breaking news – oh my larb!!

Ok, so I just made some larb gai – thai chix salad with mint – the type that Lamai Thai (my local delish Thai restaurant )often has. I looked up a recipe and then paid no attention to the amounts, just the ingredients and it is so delicious that I can hardly wait for lunch tomorrow.
I recommend that you each make a batch of this asap. It is my new favorite thing. this photo does not do it justice.
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6 boneless skinless chix thighs, or you can use breasts too, but I like thighs
a bunch of chopped mint – maybe 1/2 cup or more if you like it as much as I do
half as much chopped cilantro as mint, so maybe 1/4 cup or less
4 green onions, chopped, greens and all
1 1/2 limes squeezed
red chili ( i forgot I had chili sauce in the fridge and used NM ground hot chili – 1 tbs or more)
couple of shallots or some red onion minced finely (about 1/4 cup)
1 tbs or so of fresh grated ginger (I use my fine grater on the cheese grater and grate peeling and all)
fish sauce – i probably used 2 tbs
2 tbs basmati rice, toasted and then ground to a powder in the coffee mill.

Toast rice until golden brown, and grind.
Put the chix in the food processor and grind it up into small bits, but not as fine as hamburger, saute in a non stick pan if you have one – don’t add oil, unless it is chix breast – then maybe. Add a couple tbs of lime juice and a little salt to chix while cooking. Let cool a bit.

In a bowl add all other ingredients and then toss with the slightly cooled chix and let the flavors blend.
I took a photo or two, but the cord to the camera is currently not at the house, so you will have to wait to see the photo.

Yum yum.

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And we begin….

Ok,I will admit to less blogging since my laptop fried. But now I have use of my boyfriend’s ignored Apple laptop and life is good again. Be prepared for a barrage of cooking photos and recipes now! I suppose I should take the occasional photo of my knitting projects too. I often give them away before capturing them on the camera.