back to asia and some more breads

One day this winter I tried to satisfy my craving for spring rolls/egg rolls and make my favorite Vietnamese style rolls. Since I can’t use regular spring roll wrappers, I tried to use spring roll papers – the rice ones. This worked ok. They were sticking to each other and breaking open while frying. Even though I was frustrated I decided to freeze the ones that we didn’t fry up. Well, I am happy to report, that a little time in the deep freeze produces the perfect GF eggroll! It dried out the rice paper enough that it could withstand a bit of frying and a lot of dipping!

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Here is some pita I recently made. These had great flavor and a chewy crunch. However, they need to be eaten in a day or two or they get tough. I used Bette Hagman’s bread book Pita recipe and it works great. I used ground flax seed once and oatmeal bran once in place of almond meal. In fact, I haven’t used the recipe as is yet. Under cook them a bit if you want to use them more like actual pitas.

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And finally, some fat free, egg free french bread. Also out of one of Bette Hagman’s books. I modified it by adding fresh rosemary and roasted garlic. This loaf is great for making garlic bread or little bruscettas.
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Ok, finally again. Here’s some yummy GF mac and cheese. I tossed in a little andouille sausage, topped it with some canned tomatoes (from the garden – my supply is diminishing fast) and some homemade GF bread crumbs (from a loaf of sourdough). Creamy, crunchy and a bit of spice and tang.

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4 thoughts on “back to asia and some more breads

  1. Oh yes, I’m right there with you. Obviously, we both have a yen (ha! ha!) for Asian food. Those spring rolls look excellent! Congrats on making lemonade out of lemons. I will definitely have to try making and freezing my summer rolls, and then frying them. Great idea! And everything else looks lovely too!

  2. I will try some! The focaccia recipe looks great. I think I copied down a recipe for french bread from your site a month or so ago. I am retesting the eggrolls tomorrow. Yesterday I made two batches (one with raw pork and one with raw shrimp)with a new method (watch for photos and recipe) and froze them.Thanks for checking my site out!Ginger

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