Oh my larb!

I finally uploaded a bunch of photos and will post them here soo, but first, breaking news – oh my larb!!

Ok, so I just made some larb gai – thai chix salad with mint – the type that Lamai Thai (my local delish Thai restaurant )often has. I looked up a recipe and then paid no attention to the amounts, just the ingredients and it is so delicious that I can hardly wait for lunch tomorrow.
I recommend that you each make a batch of this asap. It is my new favorite thing. this photo does not do it justice.
catsandstuff 140

6 boneless skinless chix thighs, or you can use breasts too, but I like thighs
a bunch of chopped mint – maybe 1/2 cup or more if you like it as much as I do
half as much chopped cilantro as mint, so maybe 1/4 cup or less
4 green onions, chopped, greens and all
1 1/2 limes squeezed
red chili ( i forgot I had chili sauce in the fridge and used NM ground hot chili – 1 tbs or more)
couple of shallots or some red onion minced finely (about 1/4 cup)
1 tbs or so of fresh grated ginger (I use my fine grater on the cheese grater and grate peeling and all)
fish sauce – i probably used 2 tbs
2 tbs basmati rice, toasted and then ground to a powder in the coffee mill.

Toast rice until golden brown, and grind.
Put the chix in the food processor and grind it up into small bits, but not as fine as hamburger, saute in a non stick pan if you have one – don’t add oil, unless it is chix breast – then maybe. Add a couple tbs of lime juice and a little salt to chix while cooking. Let cool a bit.

In a bowl add all other ingredients and then toss with the slightly cooled chix and let the flavors blend.
I took a photo or two, but the cord to the camera is currently not at the house, so you will have to wait to see the photo.

Yum yum.

i;m out

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