Through the eyes of my cider

Homemade GF beer will come, if you make it…

Keeping up with the GF beer world. Here is a nice comparison of what is out there. I have yet to make my own, but I will. It has been enough for the last year to relearn how to cook fav’s, start baking any kind of baked good that I was craving and learn more about Celiac.

I plan to create a dark beer by roasting some rice flakes and will try to malt my own oats and roast some of those as well. Malting my own oats, that sounds kind of strange and definitely sounds labor intensive. A cousin of mine has a few feeder cattle on his farm that is near the farm I was raised on. He raises oats for his chickens and was kind enough to donate 20 lbs of raw oats to my experimental cause. Now I just need to get crack’in. I like the GF beers that are around, but not enough to say, ooh, I really want a beer. A vodka grapefruit almost always sounds better, or a mojito. So, to that end, I must create my own. I have several friends who are very excited at the prospect. I still attend my local homebrewing club the Firkin Homerackers, but it hasn’t been with as much gusto as I can’t taste the beer, just sniff it and hide my jealousy and sip some Strongbow as I have yet to do much with the now 30 gallons of hard cider in my basement. They are however, all my friends and my social network, so I do go. We have members who make wine, mead and cider too and those are my favorite nights now.

Here is one of my friends as seen through cider goggles.

foodandbeer 011

i’m out

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