mando mando and the yarn that hates me

Just a short little post to show you my newest addition!

My new mandolin!

My brand new mandolin! I should be practicing right now, but feel more guilty about not blogging for so long, that I must blog, then practice. I am a beginner player. I know a few chords and now am working on learning the notes so that I can play the melody when I remember how to read music! I was lucky enough to have a loner mando for about a year from a friend who was too busy with her Ph.D and the bagpipes to play her mandolin. Very gracious of her. It was harder to bond with that mandolin since I knew it would have to be returned. My new one has already bonded with me! It was love at first click on Ebay.

I hate this yarn!

I am so happy my mandolin is here so that I can ignore my knitting project. I hate this sticky mohair that I bought! If I hadn’t spent an obnoxious amount of $$ on it, I would just throw it out. It is now in it’s fifth form of a scarf for a friend’s birthday (that was last Jan – see how I hate this yarn?) Most mohair doesn’t give me this problem. But most mohair still does not knit fast for me, add that to the stickiness of this stuff and …..oh, the mando is calling my name…….what knitting project?

(If you are reading this post from Google reader, the prior post about wild mushrooms and ramps won’t show up properly – click to the website to see the post and great photos.)

i’m out

2 thoughts on “mando mando and the yarn that hates me

  1. This one is an Indiana – just a cheapie. That was all I could afford to get started. I really like it though, it has great sound and I like the walnut finished look much better than the star burst. My next one will hopefully be a F style.

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