Spelty moments this week

Ok, I tried the pretzels, no reaction. I had some of the spaghetti noodles for lunch and no reaction (they were nice and light). Before trying something else from the box of goodies sent to me, I decided that if I was going to react, I want it to be over a nice crusty loaf of bread. So I went and bought some Vita-Spelt flour (because i figured there would be less cross contamination issues as they mostly do spelt processing) and searched the “internets” (my fav Pres Bush quote) for a Spelty French Bread recipe. The search did not happen as quickly as I thought it might, but I did find one.

I loaded up the Kitchenaid and used my kneading attachment for the first time (glutenless breads don’t use this). I added fresh rosemary, cracked pepper and garlic – I wanted bread with flavor! I put it on parchment paper and baking sheets and let it rise. Cut some slits in it and sprinkled Fleur de sal on it and baked it. It was a really hot day – so putting my oven to 400 degrees for about 50 min (btwn warming up and baking) was a huge commitment to Spelt tasting.

I made up some tasty herby olive oil dipping sauce and waited for my partner in eating (ok, my cohabitating domestic partner boyfriend). I sliced it up and low and behold – there were lofty air bubbles in there. Each slice was light and not dense. Could this be bread heaven? Perhaps, or the opposite, depending on the friendliness of the bread to my innards.

I took a slice and dunked. I took a bit and swallowed. It has been more than a year since I had what I would call “normal” bread. It was a nice visit. I had a couple more slices (they were baguette size) and then had a slice with a little butter on it – just for memory’s sake. Delish. Then…..I waited. I waited and waited in fear of gluten retribution. I waited and then went to bed. I woke up in the night and waited. This morning, I waited.

NOTHING happened. No, whoops, excuse me, see you in a few minutes, I need to spend some private time with my square toilet (yes, I have a square green toilet seat). Nothing. So I ate another slice this midmorn.

So, while I was prepared to sacrifice my body to try something new that is actually really old, I didn’t need to. I suppose there is a chance that I will still react – it hasn’t been 24 hours. However for me, whenever I have reacted to gluten or cross contamination, I feel it very quickly, within an hour and within 4 or so, my body has said by to said gluten.

So, we are at 20 hours now. I will post some picks of the bread when the camera comes home.

Anyone have any spelt bread recipes? Feeling fairly confident, I just made a sourdough starter and it is sitting on the counter right now.

Tomorrow is Bratfest – our beer club’s annual brat gathering. I am making some sushi with GF crab and smoked salmon (with avocado). What about brat’s doesn’t sound better with some sushi? I suppose I could make a German style potato salad, but that is not what I am in the mood for.

coming soon….chickens from the farm or gluten free brewing plus plenty of garden updates – it was a busy work week….

i’m out

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