sustainable agriculture and the end of cherry harvest

If you have read my blog at all, you probably have noticed that I am a big fan of sustainable agriculture and buying local, growing your own and farmers markets. With that in mind, I just want to call your attention to an article that Michael Pollen wrote about the farm bill here. He is my hero, he and Michael Moore, but that is a different post. Thanks to Chez Pim for posting it first so that I was aware of it and could send it on to others! He does mention the bad nutrition of tater tots, however I am a huge supporter of those little tots, everything in moderation. They were a potato once upon a time, after all and I did grow up on a potato farm (and fruit). Since my family has always been in the fruit and veg area, they are subsidy free. Yet, still cannot control the price they get for their products unless they sell them directly to the store or at the Farmer’s market. But I will save the rest of that discussion for another post or at least cocktail hour…..

Cherry harvest is now over on the farm (always a sigh of relief, no downpour of rain, no injuries), all except for the Balatons, a newer variety of tart cherry that gets picked by hand. If you can find these in the store, snap them up. They are tart, sweet, dark and juicy all at the same time. They really look like a dark sweet cherry, but in fact are a tart cherry. They make great pies, jam, sauces and I just eat them straight. Last year ours were distributed via my bro and a refrigerated truck to stores like Whole Foods in SE Michigan. Hopefully they will be again. Strangely enough I have no photos of cherries or of harvest on this computer. I will see what I can find and post one soon.

My next post will be about Pancetta our pig, finally. I actually had the entire post written up, went to move a photo and lost the whole post. I have been unable to speak to my computer for 2 hours now. I think we have made up now.

i’m out

2 thoughts on “sustainable agriculture and the end of cherry harvest

  1. Hi Ginger – I found your site after reading about Pancetta on Pim’s post about her cow Nutmeg. Really like the sustainable-farming angle of your blog, and now look forward to reading about Pancetta. Hope you’ve made friends with your computer again.

  2. Thanks for reminding me and for the push! It was time to put little Pancetta up there again. Love your blog and thanks for checking mine out! Lots of piggy photos are now posted. More farm tales to follow!

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