The sacred first tomato…roasted broccoli with garlic

I am happy to inform you that I just ate my first ripe garden tomato of the year.  One jar of sauce left in the pantry.  Good timing.  Two more are on the way moving from that muted orange tint to red ripe.  In celebration I am making a loaf of cheese bread with parmeasan, garden rosemary, chive and thyme that I will turn into BLT’s tomorrow!

To give you an update on the spelt report:  I ate spelt off and on for two weeks (apparently not long enough) and then did a full blood test.  Nothing showed up.  My doc recommended that I get a second endoscope/biopsy since it has been well over a year since the first.  I talked to the gastro doc via an exchange of phone messages and apparently spelt is a grey area.  He says some with Celiac can eat it and some can’t.  So, I am doing the Spelt Gluten challenge for 5 weeks until the endoscope.  Then we will know for certain if the spelt is doing damage even though I do not have a reaction.  So, the cheesy bread is going to be made out of spelt. What a change to measure the ingredients for the flour from one bag vs 4 or 5.  Ok, two bags as I am using 3 parts spelt flour and 2 parts whole spelt flour as I ran out of white.

Stay tuned and I will try to post a tomato pic before I eat it next time. It finally rained and now my cucumbers are the size of rolling pins.  I am not used to that with cucu’s, only zucchini.  We ate the first of the broccoli too!  I sliced it up, tossed it in a bit of olive oil, s and p and coursely chopped garlic and roasted it at 400 F until it was crispy.  Try it, you may never eat broccoli any other way again.  I made it for a dear friend who was here helping me put a new hardwood floor in the kitchen and now she is a convert.

My blogging has slowed down as we are trying to get my house ready to put on the market, a market that is horrible at the moment in mid Michigan.  We found a place with 20 acres and a house that we want to put an offer on.  Then we can begin the plans…greenhouse, farm market garden..maybe some chickens…

But first, get rid of clutter, clean the house, fix things up and start packing….

i’m out

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