Allium Frenchy soup or French onion soup aka 5 onion soup

Wild ramps (leeks to me), garden garlic (not my garden, but a friend’s), garlic chives, chives, and onions. That is what I used for my onion family soup – all in the allium family.

french onion soup

I learned to make the basis of this soup 10 years ago when I worked at McMenamins Brewery in Hilsboro Oregon. Then I moved back and worked at the Bluebird again and the chef made 5 onion french onion soup one day for the soup of the day. Now I combine the two experiences into one. Lucky you, I am about to give you my recipe. This one is for beef broth consumers, but of course you could vegetarianize it by using veggie broth instead.

I go through enough broth of all sorts that I buy it in large quantities at Trader Joe’s or buy quality concentrated GF soup base and since I can’t find a beef broth base without wheat, I bought the au jus (sshh, i got this one at Gordon Food Service – it was cheaper and I had to go get paprika in a large amount – several cups of it to make my blackening seasoning). It has such rich beef flavor, however it can get too salty quick, so watch out.

On that note, why oh why is there no such thing as pork broth? That stuff is elixir! Who the heck uses ham broth and why do they sell that? Pork – that is what I want, pork water, aqua de puerco, pork juice, yummy pork broth.

Ok, back to the recipe. I know you are waiting patiently.

Sautee a heckovalot (ok, at least 2 if this for 2 servings) of thinly sliced (sliced so that they are still round) onions and leeks in a deep pot with plenty of oil of your choice. I use olive oil. Once they start to get brown and caramelize, add your garlic and chives. Then toss in some white wine, a dash of worcestershire sauce, several cups of beef broth and lots of fresh thyme and marjoram. Of course lots of pepper too and some salt if the broth wasn’t salty enough. Now for the really yummy part. Take some bread, whatever you have, toast it and top it off with swiss cheese and a bit of parmesan and melt it under the broiler. Fill a bowl of soup up with oniony goodness and place as many toast points on top of your soup as you can handle with out overflowing the bowl. Wait 30 seconds for the bread to start to adsorb the broth and dig in. So rich, so good, so salty, so oniony and so cheesy. It is one of the ultimate soups. I can never order it when dining out because of wheaty flavored broths and normal bread. It is so easy to make at home, thank goodness.

It’s a treat. If you need more specific directions, email me and I will make some up.

french onion soup

i’m out

3 thoughts on “Allium Frenchy soup or French onion soup aka 5 onion soup

  1. What a lovely photo that is! I know it’s French onion soup but it reminds me of Japanese Ramen with slices of pork in it- makes me feel really nostalgic, even though I didn’t eat it there. French Onion soup, ahh, yum. I should try a veggie version. 🙂 I haven’t had it in aaaaagggeeesssss.


    [PS How’d the biopsy thingy go? Have they been checking antibodies? I’m wondering if 5 weeks is long enough, ’cause I’m always hearing more like 2 months or so on a heavy gluten diet- seems like physical damage shows latest and antibodies react faster… but anyway, I hope it goes really well and you don’t feel a thing! Would you believe when I was a kid I was awake for mine? Eugh, that was no fun at all.]

  2. Ha ha, I stayed awake for my last one even with a double dose of drugs (I metabolize them fast). I thought it was fascinating and kept trying to ask them to slow down so I could see the scope. Hard to ask questions with a scope down your throat.
    My biopsy is tomorrow and I can’t wait. The doc tried to go on vacation and push it back another month and I put up a fight as I don’t want to be damaging myself if I can’t eat spelt. I sure hope that 5 weeks is enough, but we will see. I did consume spelt for 2 weeks prior to the 5 weeks when I thought that might be enough to show up on a blood test, but then took a break.

    Thanks for checking in! I will let you know when I have some results.

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