Today’s the day. I am getting another endoscope and biopsy to see what, if anything, spelt consumption has done to my body. Nervous? No, not until I got up this morning. Up until I had been looking forward to it. Now the truth is coming. Last year I already knew what the results were going to say about Celiac, the scope was just solid confirmation. This time, I do not know and am scared to be too hopeful. Wouldn’t you be hopeful to at some chance of normalcy in baking? Ease in your friends cooking ingredients ( I will buy them all small bags of spelt to use for cooking dishes that I might be eating too)? Going out to eat will always be the same on the GF diet. But my inner kingdom, my kitchen could be very different. Of course this means whenever I want a bagel, a loaf of bread, pita bread or muffin, I will bake it myself. I already do, except bagels. It means no conversion to GF ingredients and bread that will rise and bake with ease.

I actually went online to look for a recipe to cook for this eve since I took a sick day and have some time to waste between now and 3 pm. However it was making me too hungry and since I can’t eat or drink anything until after the procedure, I decided to blog instead.

I realized when I put myself on the Spelt Challenge, that I really have taken most breads out of my diet over the last year and knew that for anything to show up that I had to bump up the carb consumption. So I have been making no knead sourdough bread, kneaded sourdough bread (as it is just as easy), muffins, cookies (dried cherry chocolate chip with oatmeal), pancakes, and finally yesterday, noodles – ok, my brother was in town and he made those for some pheasant soup. I haven’t blogged about most of the spelt baked goods I have made, since this is a gluten free blog, but I have been baking. Even though it has been in the 90’s here with high humidity.

I have realized that the convenience of simple to put together bread eases up on the busyness of life. It is sometimes hard to do it all with grace. Cook all the time, work all the time, travel often, clean the house, entertain friends, bake whatever baked good I want (store bought ones just taste like cardboard to me – except those frozen waffles), garden in the evenings and weekends. Sometimes you want a break. Spelt has been a bit of one for me. Today I will know. I am not looking for sympathy, I am looking for a light. Apparently some celiacs can eat spelt and others can’t. I have to admit, I hope that I am one of the ones who can eat it.

If I can’t, well, I can’t and I will go back to my GF cookbooks and keep doing it all as I was doing it before. If I can, well, I might encourage you to try it too. Take the plunge, take a risk and we might all be pleasantly surprised. Everything about spelt says “shouldn’t” or that it might be bad for Celiacs or that it is like a sister to wheat and that they are very similar, yet, they are very different and no one has said shall not. I haven’t had a reaction yet. When I get some cross contamination from wheat, it is within an hour that I know about it.

Threw the window I go. In 3 hours I will know. I imagine I will be too drugged up to blog about it. Drugged up blogging could be a bad idea.

Wish me luck, don’t be jealous, just be happy for me if it works out. I would be happy for you. See you on the other side of the window.

UpNorth 013

i’m out

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  1. Ginger,
    It went well. I can eat spelt. I am still in shock. It is a difficult thing to voluntarily potentially poison your own body to see if possibilities exist. I struggled with it every time I ate spelt, even if it was delicious. If you are thinking of trying spelt, I would wait until you have been on a GF diet for at least 10 months to a year, so your body has time to heal first. Since you are from the South, I will be in Charleston at the end of September (for a conference), any tips? Any restaurants you can recommend?

    the other ginger

  2. Hey! I’m glad you made it through your biopsy- I know all those tests are no fun whatsoever. Happy recovery and I hope you continue to feel really well.

    There’s a very interesting article I found with the Celiac Sprue association on spelt:

    I think it’s probably really important to have yearly blood tests to check for antibodies, especially if you definitely have Celiac disease.

    Anyway, I promise not to post any more on this topic, even though *cough cough* I have to admit I disagree with your doctor’s approach based on my experience with Celiac specialists here but I wish you the very best health and I’m so glad you’re doing well.


  3. Sea,
    I actually read that article the morning of my biopsy. I do plan to keep having regular blood tests to monitor everything. My gastro doc is not a Celiac specialist by any means (nor does he really have a personality, I need a different gastro doc to be sure), and he really had no approach. When I inquired about spelt, he said, spelt is a grey area, some Celiacs can eat it and some can’t. He wasn’t willing to do any research or discuss it any further, so I did my own. And it worked. I don’t mind if you continue to post on the spelt topic at all. It is good discussion and it really made me do a lot of thinking, which I welcome.

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