Overwhelmed and in disbelief, but very happy!

I can eat spelt. I held on to my disbelief until a few moments ago. Actually I am still there. I don’t know what to think. When one door closes (gluten) and another one opens (gluten free and feeling healthy again) and then opens further (spelt) is it a bit flabbergasting. I had my biopsy on Monday and at that time they took a tissue transglutaminase blood sample and said those results would be back in 3 days. At the time of the scope ( and this time was not nearly as fun as last time – the drugs put me in a fog for hours) he said “looks good” and he saw no damage.

The blood test is back and for this tissue transglutaminase test normal is 0-3. I was a two. At the end of June I had one and normal was below 20 and I was 9.4 (different labs, different reporting).

This has been a rollercoaster week between spelt testing and all the emotions that come with that and house selling and all the fun stuff that goes with showing your house on a moments notice. I must keep my eye on the prize – a 7 acre farmstead with three outbuildings (perfect for some sheep for wool and some chickens) and a hundred year old farmhouse. For that, I go through the humiliation of letting complete strangers come into my house and criticize it.

So…wow…now I need to take it all in. Spelt is gluten free for me.

i’m out

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