KinniToos, oh my, oh yes

Ok, I bought some brand of chocolate cookie in the last year that looked to be Oreo-esque. It wasn’t. In fact I could barely bite into them with my teeth. Last week I was shopping at Foods For Living (which is more expensive than Whole Foods if you can believe that!) as they have a few GF items I can’t find any where else. To my delight and surprise, they had something new : Chocolate KinniToos, made by Kinnikinnick Foods (they make vanilla too, see comments below about those).

They are fabulous. You cannot tell the difference between these and Oreos, really. I had my boyfriend taste them to be certain. Only one though, as I am not giving these babies up! The package was $5.09 and was about the same size as a pack of Oreos. I am happy for two reasons: I can use these for cheesecake crusts and they make great snacks for the road when you just need a bite or two of something sweet. The other barely edible pack was about $6 for a package less than half the size of these.

Run out and get yourself some!

Since we are on the cookie topic, Pamela’s new Gingersnaps are wonderful too! They taste so similar to my mom’s Ginger Snaps (which of course, I have an affinity for being named Ginger) and have a nice chew and crisp bite – in the same cookie. I really like the resealable bag that comes with this one.

GF treats are getting tastier……

i’m out

4 thoughts on “KinniToos, oh my, oh yes

  1. Did you eat the chocolate or the vanilla ones? I found the vanilla ones mealy, bland and flavorless. They tasted like sugar, nothing else. Totally gross – I threw out most of the package. Maybe I should give the choco ones a shot.

  2. GF by the Bay,
    Good point, I ate the chocolate ones. Vanilla cookies are never as appealing to me. The chocolate ones were light and crispy with the right amount of chocolate flavor – not mealy at all! Delicate almost.

  3. I am going to see the hubby in Tampa, so I’m going to buy sine if tgese at my GF store of choice. I saw today they’re on the GFCF site’s kid’s package, too.

    Hope you’re well!

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