Gluten Free Food Labeling Law

I am a little late posting this, but it can be handy to have someone in the know when it comes to food laws.  The US issued draft Codex positions on Gluten Free foods last month.  Click here to see the news.

They expect the demand for GF foods to increase from a $700 million industry currently to a $1.7 billion dollar industry by 2010.  Entrepreneurs get ready and jump on board!  Who wants to make me some GF ravioli, some GF pizza rolls (like those ones in the freezer section – so bad, yet so good!) and GF pop tarts (a low sugar, high fiber version)?  Why do I want a GF pop tart when I ate them maybe once every three years?  Cause I can’t have them now.  And if they weren’t so sugary they might make good road trip food.

At any rate, just wanted to pass on the news if you hadn’t heard about it.

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2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Food Labeling Law

  1. I would be so excited if GF pop tarts came out… We can find ravioli from specialty bakeries, although it is dreadfully expensive, but pop tarts… I’ve never seen those. *wistful sigh*


  2. Well, we need to let Glutino or someone know (Kinnikinnick) so that they can develop them and we can test them! I just tried the Glutino bagels and they were pretty good – normal size and everything. They will be great for traveling. I travel with my own toaster now, which would sound a bit strange to a gluten consumer. However, it will come in handy the moment GF Pop Tarts arrive!
    You have so much more availability of stuff in California. I am left to create my own ravioli – I might just make some today. Marscapone and spinach with parm, or marscapone with wildish domesticated mushrooms and thyme. Sounds like a good rainy day project. I was going to pull all the garden plants out, thank goodness for the rain to put a stop to that!

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