Magazine for food allergies vote now!!!

I was just alerted to an idea that Martha Stewart Magazines is tossing around, and the idea is to ” publish a special magazine that offers delicious allergy-friendly recipes, making life for people with food allergies and sensitivities easier and more delicious. Millions of people, including myself, can’t eat nuts, dairy, wheat or gluten, and I’d like to empower people to make great recipes even if they can’t use all the standard ingredients.”  So go to and click on her blog to the right and vote for the allergy option!!!  Thanks to Celiacgirl for the alert!

Now, go and vote, and keep voting!

i’m out

One thought on “Magazine for food allergies vote now!!!

  1. I hope I,m not too late in voting…..I vote a big YES! I think it’s a wonderful idea especially for the folks like my sister in law to be able to get current information for her Gluten Free diet she’s found out she’ll have to do from now on. It’s nice to have information at your fingertips without a lot of research on their part. It would seem to make it easier for someone to easily continue the proper diet necessary for their particular disorder or disease. Having a magazine specifially for gluten free recipes, research, food, etc. is a great idea.

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