Menu of the week; Cocktail of the Week: Ginger lemon fizz Feb 18th

I figured out my menu plan before knowing the “secret ingredient” butternut squash, so I will see if I can fit it in somewhere, perhaps some butternut squash curry soup for lunch on a day when I am working out of the house this week. This week’s menu is hosted by Gluten Free Sox! Check out the new look of her blog today!

Cocktail of the week: Ginger lemon fizz

I made a simple syrup with loads of fresh ginger and lemon grass in it, add to some vodka, ice, lots of lemon juice, lemon wedge and top with soda water – refreshing and easy.

Sunday: Traditional with a flare

Roasted 1/2 chicken with lemon and herbs with roasted new potatoes (still from the farm) and roasted asparagus served with an herby yogurt. ( I thawed the last of our free range chicken and cut it in half, half for the roasted chix and the other half was poached for Tues and then once the meat was cooked, I threw the bones back in for the stock)


Lunch: Day off and Butternut squash curry soup (ha ha I had a can of butternut squash in the cupboard for a squash emergency)

Dinner: Italian momma’s house (Well, if my momma were Italian, I am sure she would have cooked this for me…)

Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Cannelloni (I hope, we will see if my pasta works out) in a bolognese sauce with fresh mozzarella – fun with the pasta machine on the day off!

Tuesday: Comfort food

Chicken pot pie and green salad – Thanks to Carrie for this idea! It’s finally time to try the croissant recipe for my crust!

Wednesday: Neuvo Mexican

Grilled Salmon in a roasted serrano pepper tequila cream sauce with Mexican style rice

Thursday: Irish rainy days

Leek and cheese soup with crusty wheat free bread for dipping

Friday: Indian

Lamb curry – that is unless we have too many leftovers in which case I will skip this as we are leaving for vacation for the next ten days in the morning! I am making an effort to cook with less leftovers and that takes some training on my part.


Seattle and Portland bound!

6 thoughts on “Menu of the week; Cocktail of the Week: Ginger lemon fizz Feb 18th

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  2. I must have your leek and cheese soup! we’ve been getting a lot of leeks lately in our veggie box and I always default to potato leek soup.

    what crusty bread have you discovered?

  3. you will LOVE that chicken pot pie with the crescent roll crust! I actually wanted to make it again this week! Probably will be on the menu next week! 😉 Yeah, I’d like to see your crusty bread too! I still haven’t found a GF french bread recipe I like yet!

  4. Cris,
    I will post the recipe, it is super easy, leeks, cheese, broth and garnish. We will be making it on Wed now instead of Thursday as my meeting night changed (easier to keep soup warm than salmon). For the crusty bread, I was going to make a spelt sourdough. I know most Celiacs are hesitant to try spelt, but it works for me. Perhaps I will give the no knead GF bread another try for the team. I need a small dutch oven for that and mine is the size to feed 30!
    Potato leek soup is one of my favorites. If you are not a vegetarian, try adding some German style weiss wurst to it and leave the potatoes in chunks in the broth – really good! I buy Weiss wurst just for this purpose! Nurnburger or knockwurst work great too. Just not bratwurst!

    I can’t wait to try it! I had some luck with Bette’s no fat French bread in her quick and easy book (I think that is the one, it is loaned to a friend right now). I was going to make a spelt sourdough. I think if we follow the crusty bread rules for GF bread, it might work and that seems to be to spray the inside of your very hot oven with water just before sliding your bread in. I need to get myself one of those French bread loaf holders as my aluminum foil pans don’t quite cut it!

  5. Ginger,
    Your menu sounds delish! I love the fun names for your themes- esp. Irish Rainy Days.
    Bette’s rapid rise french bread is very popular around our house- it’s good stuff. I haven’t tried using the ice in the stove trick for a crispier crust yet- I ought to do that. A french bread pan is KEY. I do love mine. Actually I have 2 so I can make a big double batch for dinner parties. (That french bread just flies off the table, even if it is a party of glutenoids!)
    Spelt is not recommended for the Celiac diet as it still contains gluten… which you know that I know that you know that I am always preaching this- but it’s been impressed pretty firmly into me by all the various gluten free associations and groups. I should form an anti-spelt association. haha.
    Anyway, as always great menu! *hugs* and happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!


  6. There are always two things I can count on when I mention that I bake with spelt. One is someone telling me that spelt has gluten it in and two, an email from Sea! Now now, there is no need for an anti-spelt association, just more research. I am the guinea pig, so we already have that…:)

    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you too Sea! It is almost time to start thinking about St Patrick’s Day, my favorite holiday of the year – aside from Thanksgiving of course.

    A French bread pan is next on my list at Amazon, along with one of those julienne peelers! The water spray does work, and I am sure the ice pan would too!


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