Menu of the Week March 31st: Lemons!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Lemons
This week’s menu swap is hosted by Gluten Free Mommy and the ingredient is lemon! The ironic thing is I used about a dozen lemons in last week’s menu. I was in a lemon mood and ate most of the 8×8 pan of double lemon bars myself over the week.

Sunday: Wales, home of the leek

Leek Potato soup with tarragon

Monday: Alsatian

Trout Choucroute from March Gourmet mag – perhaps. I will be subbing Artic Char. I am not sure about fish and sauerkraut. Sides will be broccoli, maybe in casserole form, and polenta. Edited to add – this is definitely a dish that we will not, repeat not be making again.  The fish itself was tasty, but the rest of the dish was a sour flop.  Even my polenta experiment didn’t work the way I planned.  Oh well.

Tuesday: Indian

Boti Gosht with grass fed beef and lemon rice, dal (maybe), bajji (onion fritters with chickpeas) and green mango salad

Wednesday: New Mexican

Tamales with red chile sauce

Thursday: All American

Mac and cheese with a green salad

Friday: Southwest fusion

White Chicken Chili loaded with green chiles and creamy cornbread. Since my bf won’t eat beans, I will be pureeing them in a known attempt to disguise them and he will see if he can get over his psychological bean burden. Wish me luck!

Happy eating!

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Epicurious and Gluten Free

Look what popped into my email box this afternoon.  Online articles about eating gluten free and some recipes to boot. I have been a subscriber to both Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines for many years and it is nice to see them add some recipes.  Plus they changed their search engine recently so that you can search for gluten free recipes.  Thank you Epicurious!

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Caesar salad dressing the quick way

Caesar Salad dressing

When I want to have some Caesar dressing and I am not in a raw egg mood (I am eggless at the moment as I forgot to buy more) I just use mayonnaise to whip it up. Caesar dressing is a combo of eggs and oil, just like mayo, only it comes emulsified for you. I like mine dressing really lemony and with lots of anchovy. I just have a list of ingredients with approximations below as I don’t measure, I just add it to taste.

Mayo – not Miracle Whip – probably about 1 cup

Dijon mustard – maybe 2 TBS

anchovy paste at least 1 Tbs or more

lemon juice – probably one whole lemon for me, the tarty girl

garlic powder – you can certainly use raw, but this keeps longer in the fridge with dried

grated parmeasan maybe 1/3 cup

salt and pepper – lots and lots of fresh cracked pepper

Put it all in a pint jar, put a lid on it and shake, shake, shake. Those three shakes always put a song in my mind…shake your booty baby.

Toss on some chopped romaine, add delish GF buttery garlicky croutons (bread that wasn’t so good is great for croutons) and top with more parm.

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Menu of the week March 24th: almonds!

Ginger Lemon Girl is again hosting this week’s menu swap. Swing over to her site and check out all the menus!

Sunday: Ethopian

Doro Wot from Saveur and red lentil stew on rice as my Injera bread did not work.

Monday: Classic French American

Grass fed steaks on the grill with bearnaise sauce (from scratch), tator tots (who doesn’t love a tator tot?), grilled asparagus and homemade easy Caesar salad dressing with romaine and croutons

Tuesday: Malaysian

Scallops Laska (a spicy tangy coconut broth with rice noodles and seafood) hum, still need a side dish for this one, perhaps…you guessed it: fried spring rolls!

Wednesday: Mexican coast

Fish tacos with tilapia, garlic, lots of red chile and lime topped with cabbage slaw, salsa, sour cream and some rice and beans on the side.

Thursday: Northern Italy

Orrechiette Carbonara with leeks and pancetta (instead of bacon) from April’s Bon Appetit and an arugula salad. I will be making some homemade wheat free, spelt (yes I know it has gluten) orrechiette for this one.

Friday: Spanish  Portuguese Caldo Verde

Potato soup with kale and chorizo

Saturday: Lunch: Irish

Walk to our local pub for a hard cider (Strongbow) and their Moriarty’s mug (GF potato soup with bacon and broth), time to visit the local restaurants more (now that we are not moving) and focus on walking to them, good for them, good for us.

Dinner: Lebanese picnic

Stuffed Grape Leaves with rice, pine nuts and grass fed ground beef and a feta, greek olive, tomato (tenativly as my guilt of buying a winter tomato may set in) cucumber salad with fresh herbs from the basement greenhouse. Ooh, maybe some homemade hummus too! Yummus!

Baked goods of the week: Ginger Scones (spelt based), ginger snaps (spelt based) and lemon bars with an almond based crust. I know you were wondering how I was going to work almonds in this week……

For things that are spelt based, I have been thinking about starting an additional spelty blog to post those recipes so that non spelt eaters aren’t bothered by it. What do you all think? Separate or list them here? How many of you Celiacs out there also eat spelt?

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Lard Nah

Tofu Lard Nah

I love lard nah and have based my recipe on this one but this time I thought I would try it with tofu, the first way I ever had Lard nah in a Thai restaurant many years ago in Chicago.

Here is what I did:

2-3 Tbs of Ginger Soya Bean sauce – if you can’t find any GF yellow bean sauce or soy bean sauces – use Miso, it is the same stuff, just in a paste. Ginger is not in any lard nah recipe, but it sure tastes great in there, brightens it up and it was the only yellow bean sauce I could find, so that is what I use.

2 Tbs of Gf soy sauce – mushroom flavor if you can find a GF version, I can’t

1 Tbs of sugar or 2 if you like your Thai sweeter

1 package firm tofu – marinate in garlic chile sauce and a dash of tamari

3 Tbs of tapioca starch in 2.5 cups of water

4 cloves garlic minced

1/2 package wide rice noodles or enough for 2 people

2 Tbs of gf dark soy sauce, if you can’t find one, then use regular and add a dash of sugar

1/2 collard greens/chinese broccoli, kale, whatever you have that is dark green and from the cabbage family -chop into large pieces

1 onion cut in half and sliced like a julienne but more rustic (not traditional, but more veggies are always good)

mushrooms one handful, quartered, if you have them, these are not traditional, but since I couldn’t use mushroom soy, I put these in.

Soak your noodles in really hot water until they are softened and then drain them. Toss with a tad bit of oil to keep them from sticking and then toss them in a non stick skillet or wok with some oil and the dark soy sauce and fry them until they get a bit crispy and set aside.

Fry up your tofu till it is crispy and set this aside. I a large pan, sautee your garlic, onion and mushrooms. Add the tapioca water and then yellow soybean paste, soy sauce and sugar. Add the tofu back in and add the collard greens. Put a lid on the pot so the greens steam. Once the greens have barely cooked through, adjust for sweetness or saltiness by adding more of what you like, then pour the lard nah over the crispy dark soy seasoned noodles and enjoy.

Now, I have made the lard nah with pork twice before and I think the pork complements the greens better than the tofu. When using the pork, I follow the recipe that I linked to above but add more garlic and use whatever Gf yellow bean paste I can. I can’t find the jar I originally bought, so I will be switching to miso paste soon. The first time I had this at a Thai restaurant, the noodles were really nice and crispy, sort of dipping them in a deep fat fryer, I have not been able to replicate this at home. If you do, let me know how you do!

lard nah

This is a pic of the first lard nah I attempted last fall with pork, tofu and garden greens

 Ginger soya bean sauce lard nah rice noodles Tofu Lard Nah

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