Caesar salad dressing the quick way

Caesar Salad dressing

When I want to have some Caesar dressing and I am not in a raw egg mood (I am eggless at the moment as I forgot to buy more) I just use mayonnaise to whip it up. Caesar dressing is a combo of eggs and oil, just like mayo, only it comes emulsified for you. I like mine dressing really lemony and with lots of anchovy. I just have a list of ingredients with approximations below as I don’t measure, I just add it to taste.

Mayo – not Miracle Whip – probably about 1 cup

Dijon mustard – maybe 2 TBS

anchovy paste at least 1 Tbs or more

lemon juice – probably one whole lemon for me, the tarty girl

garlic powder – you can certainly use raw, but this keeps longer in the fridge with dried

grated parmeasan maybe 1/3 cup

salt and pepper – lots and lots of fresh cracked pepper

Put it all in a pint jar, put a lid on it and shake, shake, shake. Those three shakes always put a song in my mind…shake your booty baby.

Toss on some chopped romaine, add delish GF buttery garlicky croutons (bread that wasn’t so good is great for croutons) and top with more parm.

i’m out

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