Menu of the Week March 31st: Lemons!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Lemons
This week’s menu swap is hosted by Gluten Free Mommy and the ingredient is lemon! The ironic thing is I used about a dozen lemons in last week’s menu. I was in a lemon mood and ate most of the 8×8 pan of double lemon bars myself over the week.

Sunday: Wales, home of the leek

Leek Potato soup with tarragon

Monday: Alsatian

Trout Choucroute from March Gourmet mag – perhaps. I will be subbing Artic Char. I am not sure about fish and sauerkraut. Sides will be broccoli, maybe in casserole form, and polenta. Edited to add – this is definitely a dish that we will not, repeat not be making again.  The fish itself was tasty, but the rest of the dish was a sour flop.  Even my polenta experiment didn’t work the way I planned.  Oh well.

Tuesday: Indian

Boti Gosht with grass fed beef and lemon rice, dal (maybe), bajji (onion fritters with chickpeas) and green mango salad

Wednesday: New Mexican

Tamales with red chile sauce

Thursday: All American

Mac and cheese with a green salad

Friday: Southwest fusion

White Chicken Chili loaded with green chiles and creamy cornbread. Since my bf won’t eat beans, I will be pureeing them in a known attempt to disguise them and he will see if he can get over his psychological bean burden. Wish me luck!

Happy eating!

i’m out

4 thoughts on “Menu of the Week March 31st: Lemons!

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  2. You are just amazing Ginger!! Fabulous menu. One day I”m just gonna come up North for a week and eat at your house every night for dinner! I would learn a lot!! I wish I knew how to cook the wonderful international fare that you do!!

  3. I’m so sorry your meal flopped! So frustrating when that happens.

    Our Gourmet mag French food worked out quite nicely last night, but truthfully, I would have liked it better without the chicken, I think. Next time I’ll make it with white beans and more veggies—oh, and I’ll add the potatoes to the last few minutes in the oven, as well.

  4. Thanks Carrie, what a compliment! I spent a lot of time working in restaurants over the years and had a lot of international friends in college and I have traveled a bit. The result is that I am always interesting in learning the food culture of others. When I go out to eat, 90% of the time it is at an ethnic restaurant and then I sit and try to figure out how to make it at home, or look up a recipe on the interwebs. Thank goodness for the Internet for recipe help! Come on up, but wait til the garden is going strong so we can have fresh garden veggies!

    Glad to hear that yours was tasty! Gourmet doesn’t usually let me down, but I was already apprehensive about sauerkraut and fish to start and that probably didn’t help. I will try the other recipe some time soon, any excuse to open some nice dry Riesling!

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