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24 days until the Farmer’s Market opens….

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Menu of the Week April 28th: Peas

This week’s menu swap host is Manda over at Asparagus Thin and peas are the featured ingredient. My darling BF saw the subject peas and promptly boycotted the ingredient this week, but I plan to work them in for a dish just for me, peas with prosciutto and dill. Lately I have been struggling for inspiration and yet trying hard not to repeat menus (except for pizza and grilled asparagus of course). I think it would be great if I cooked something different almost every night for 6 months. In an effort to eat more brown rice (with this months Saveur as inspiration) I cooked up a rice cooker full and now am going to experiment with brown rice fritters and different ethnic flavorings.

Saturday: Mixed grill

Spicy lamb brats and spicy grass fed burgers with caramelized onions and cheese, penne with pesto and creme fraiche and grilled asparagus


Lunch: Vietnamese crab and shrimp soup with mung noodles, mint and basil

Dinner: Pizza!

White pizza with a roasted garlic and chive bechamel (made with goat butter as we are out of regular butter – how did this happen?), Italian sausage, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, feta and some mozzarella.

Monday: Cyprus (ala Saveur mag)

Souvlakia Hirina : Pork kabobs (from Pancetta, our pig) with tatziki with brown rice fritters with oregano, lemon zest and feta, veg to be determined

Tuesday: New Mexican

Green Chile Cheese Nachos (three of my favorite ingredients right there) and fennel slaw with cilantro and lime

Wednesday: Mediterranean mix

Braised leeks (and maybe some kale) and Chicken Provencal and brown rice fritters with parmesan and parsley

Thursday: Fresh American (or whatever you think fits here – I am at a loss)

Seared Scallops with roasted garlic chive butter, peas with prosciutto and dill for me, asparagus for the BF, oven roasted potatoes with garden herbs.

Friday: Mexican mayhem or Indian Monsoon

Company in town – we are either cooking up a Mexican storm with carne asada tacos( with grass fed beef of course – must use it up), pintos de olla, salsa, chips and guacamole – oh and margaritas or we are going out for Indian.

I must confess, I had a really busy week last week and didn’t get around to making my app of the week or my dinner for Friday night as I was helping a friend move. I still plan to attempt the gruyere pinwheels with herbs sometime this week. Also look forward to posts on rubs (as promised) and hotel butters. And I haven’t forgotten about the cocktail of the week feature either, but that feature will be switching to the cocktail of the month.

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Gluten Free Wheat?

A friend sent this my way today:

WSU Receives Grant to Develop Gluten Free Wheat

The United States’ National Institute of Health (NIH) has awarded Washington State University (WSU) a four-year $837,000 grant to develop novel wheat varieties that are free of gluten proteins. Gluten triggers inappropriate immune system responses in people affected with Celiac Disease. This genetic disease can create symptoms that range from diarrhea and cramps to nutrient malabsorption and malnutrition. One in every 100 or 200 Americans or 4 percent of Europeans are estimated to suffer from gluten intolerance. The only effective treatment is a lifelong gluten-free diet. Adherence to such diet is difficult, since gluten is also being used as a filler and binder in many non-food items such as medicines, vitamins and paper adhesives.

Scientists from WSU have previously discovered a lysine-rich barley mutant that lacks gliadin, the gluten component that triggers the disease. They hope to identify the mutation and use this to make gluten-free wheat varieties that are also rich in the essential amino acid lysine. WSU has partnered with Arcadia Biosciences, a Seattle-based biotech company, for the task.

For more information visit or

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Rubs – it’s grill season

We grill all year round. Nothing stops me from grilling if I really want to, but I am a die hard with both a charcoal weber and a gas grill in the backyard. It occurred to me that it is grill season and we all want to spend more time outside and less time inside for the next many months. With that in mind, I am going to start my rub series. I have several homemade rubs that I keep on hand for those grilling moments. It makes cooking up something flavorful and delicious super quick and easy.

Rubs, it's grilling season!

The picture is of turkey tenderloins (which were on sale and I used instead of grilled chix thighs last week) with three different rubs.

April 08 food 221

Some of these make a large quantity of rub, but don’t despair! They make great gifts! Invited over for a backyard BBQ? Take a small jar of homemade rub as a guest gift. Need an impromptu birthday gift or a stocking stuffer? Any cook would love a jar of rub. They are so easy to put together and so easy to personalize.

Stay tuned as our featured rub this week will be the fusion fennel rub (not pictured)…..

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Menu of the Week: Cilantro! Appetizer of the Week: Gruyere Pinwheels with herbs

Natalie over at Gluten Free Mommy is hosting this week’s menu and the ingredient is cilantro, one of my favorite herbs!  She has been on the South Beach diet and has lost 10 pounds! Congrats Natalie!  Check out her website for a list of many Gluten free menus!

Saturday: Backyard picnic

Spicy Goat brats with potato salad (vinaigrette style) and grilled asparagus

Sunday: Comfort food

Grilled porkloin, with impromptu cornbread stuffing, gravy, rice and sauteed broccoli rabe

Monday: Thai

Stir fried pork with long beans from Gourmet (May 2008 – recipe not online yet) – lots of cilantro and lemon grass in this dish! I will be subbing regular green beans for long beans. I might add a Yum Pla Tho (squid) salad. My local restaurant makes a dish that sounds a lot like this but with lots of mint and cilantro.

Tuesday: Italian American

Parmeasan coated chicken, angel hair pasta with marinara (from garden tomatoes) and green salad

Wednesday: On the road for work

Thursday: Indian from Madhur Jaffery’s book

Keema (with grass fed beef), GF dosa’s and cilantro chutney. Fresh mango with mint for dessert. (Last weeks Keema turned into Korma for lack of some ingredients)

Friday: Localvore Meal:

Whitefish in a horseradish (need to finish off that horseradish root) crust with a remoulade (also a Gourmet based idea). I will attempt to source out the fish, veg and any sides locally, locally meaning the whole state Michigan at this point since our snow just melted! It could mean items from the freezer that are from the garden like green beans. Or stewed tomatoes from the canning pantry.

And now….

Appetizer of the Week: Gruyere pin wheels with garden herbs

I will be attempting to recreate an old standby of mine to a GF appetizer. I am going to use pie crust and roll it out thinly on plastic wrap and then top with my ingredients and use the plastic wrap to help me roll into a tube. Slice into 1/4 inch rounds and bake. Hopefully it is even tastier than it used to be. This was a great go to recipe and I kept a premade log in the freezer. Unexpected guests stopping by for a cocktail afterwork? Turn the oven on and slice. Always a winner.  I am going to shoot for Friday for making this treat, but if I have time, I may do it earlier in the week and I will post any successful photos!

Happy cooking and eating!

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