Menu of the Week: Cilantro! Appetizer of the Week: Gruyere Pinwheels with herbs

Natalie over at Gluten Free Mommy is hosting this week’s menu and the ingredient is cilantro, one of my favorite herbs!  She has been on the South Beach diet and has lost 10 pounds! Congrats Natalie!  Check out her website for a list of many Gluten free menus!

Saturday: Backyard picnic

Spicy Goat brats with potato salad (vinaigrette style) and grilled asparagus

Sunday: Comfort food

Grilled porkloin, with impromptu cornbread stuffing, gravy, rice and sauteed broccoli rabe

Monday: Thai

Stir fried pork with long beans from Gourmet (May 2008 – recipe not online yet) – lots of cilantro and lemon grass in this dish! I will be subbing regular green beans for long beans. I might add a Yum Pla Tho (squid) salad. My local restaurant makes a dish that sounds a lot like this but with lots of mint and cilantro.

Tuesday: Italian American

Parmeasan coated chicken, angel hair pasta with marinara (from garden tomatoes) and green salad

Wednesday: On the road for work

Thursday: Indian from Madhur Jaffery’s book

Keema (with grass fed beef), GF dosa’s and cilantro chutney. Fresh mango with mint for dessert. (Last weeks Keema turned into Korma for lack of some ingredients)

Friday: Localvore Meal:

Whitefish in a horseradish (need to finish off that horseradish root) crust with a remoulade (also a Gourmet based idea). I will attempt to source out the fish, veg and any sides locally, locally meaning the whole state Michigan at this point since our snow just melted! It could mean items from the freezer that are from the garden like green beans. Or stewed tomatoes from the canning pantry.

And now….

Appetizer of the Week: Gruyere pin wheels with garden herbs

I will be attempting to recreate an old standby of mine to a GF appetizer. I am going to use pie crust and roll it out thinly on plastic wrap and then top with my ingredients and use the plastic wrap to help me roll into a tube. Slice into 1/4 inch rounds and bake. Hopefully it is even tastier than it used to be. This was a great go to recipe and I kept a premade log in the freezer. Unexpected guests stopping by for a cocktail afterwork? Turn the oven on and slice. Always a winner.  I am going to shoot for Friday for making this treat, but if I have time, I may do it earlier in the week and I will post any successful photos!

Happy cooking and eating!

i’m out

5 thoughts on “Menu of the Week: Cilantro! Appetizer of the Week: Gruyere Pinwheels with herbs

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  2. Karen,
    I think I won’t get to make these until tomorrow now as I am helping a friend move this eve. I actually am in a bind for a pie crust recipe as I loaned all of my GF cookbooks to a newbie Celiac. I was going to search for one from our blog group. Have one to recommend? I normally use the Rebecca Riley pie crust recipe from her GF book.

  3. Ginger – Since you are one of the few people I know with goat regularly on the menu, I was hoping you could help. I picked up some goat steaks (from the leg?) at the farmers market and wanted to know the best way to cook them. I was guessing the grill. How long? Should it still be pink in the middle like lamb? Any suggestions would be good. Thanks!

  4. Hum, I have not yet had the opportunity to get my hands on goat that is not in sausage form. I would cook it just like lamb. It can be a bit tougher than lamb I think, given our experience with goat curry at the Indian restaurant. However, I would guess that if they sold the goat as steaks, that it should be fairly tender. I think a slow grill with great Mediterranean herbs and spices would be good, but you could go with almost any ethnicity as the whole world eats goat. Our brats have always been highly spiced. I would just go with the temp you like for your lamb, medium or medium rare. I am jealous, I wish I could find goat steaks to try.
    I think I would throw them in a salt, herb and olive oil marinade for a little bit (you probably have already eaten them as I haven’t checked my mail all weekend) and then right onto the grill until it smells like you should eat them! Probably 4 minutes a side if they are about 1 inch thick.

    Please let me know how they are! They might be really good in kabob form too.

    Good luck and happy eating!


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