Rubs – it’s grill season

We grill all year round. Nothing stops me from grilling if I really want to, but I am a die hard with both a charcoal weber and a gas grill in the backyard. It occurred to me that it is grill season and we all want to spend more time outside and less time inside for the next many months. With that in mind, I am going to start my rub series. I have several homemade rubs that I keep on hand for those grilling moments. It makes cooking up something flavorful and delicious super quick and easy.

Rubs, it's grilling season!

The picture is of turkey tenderloins (which were on sale and I used instead of grilled chix thighs last week) with three different rubs.

April 08 food 221

Some of these make a large quantity of rub, but don’t despair! They make great gifts! Invited over for a backyard BBQ? Take a small jar of homemade rub as a guest gift. Need an impromptu birthday gift or a stocking stuffer? Any cook would love a jar of rub. They are so easy to put together and so easy to personalize.

Stay tuned as our featured rub this week will be the fusion fennel rub (not pictured)…..

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  1. mixing in bulk is a great idea. I tend to just throw something together when I need it and hope that what ever combination I come up with tastes good. I’ll be sure to check back for your recipes. We grill out all the time too.

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