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I thought about calling this the cocktail of the week, but that seems a bit like a cop out since you all can’t replicate this at home. I am going to do my best to replicate it and have some sorghum malt down stairs to use.

Old Hat Knees Bees GF beer

Knees Bees GF beer

Old Hat Knees Bees GF beer

It was tasty, not to heavy, good mouth feel and not to sorghum tasting and best of all an ale. I would perhaps add a few more hops to it, but to do that, I will need to make my own. Encourage your small local breweries to consider making a gluten free ale and if they can’t do that, then ask them to offer hard cider.

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  1. Ginger, we should share gf beer-brewing tips. I am a fan of dark beers, and we’re working towards developing something in that direction. My husband has his second batch fermenting now (may be ready to drink today, actually), and now he’s on a crazy kick with mead, some cherry fermented drink, and others he’s working on.

  2. Sally,
    Oh, most definitely we must swap tips and beer recipes! I made some hard cherry cider a few years ago that was just fabulous, pure cherry juice concentrate, water and yeast – bubbly and brilliant red. Please let me know how your beer works out! I am thinking of roasting some oats or buckwheat for color – oh for a porter!
    I was a home brewer for years and have been holding back a bit on the brewing. Now that I finally tasted a nice ale, motivation has returned. Send some pics of the brew!


  3. Thank you for your review of our Bees Knees. We were excited to brew it and have received many positive comments about the beer. We have also adapted our menu so those with a wheat allergy, young and old alike, can go out to dinner without issues.

  4. Freda,
    You are welcome! It was a really tasty beer and I only wish that your brewery was closer to Lansing! I have been working on a GF porter style, but if you guys have already developed one, perhaps I will drive down and pick up corny kegs of both! Do you sell corny kegs of beer? I am happy to hear that your menu has some GF options too! Thanks for helping out those of us with Celiac/Gluten Intolerance.
    If you guys can ship growlers, I know some folks in Southern states who would love some Knees Bees!


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