Menu of the Week: Onions

I consider onions to be a staple, along with tomatoes.  I use almost a bag of onions a week.  Onions are very healthy for you and full of fiber and of course delicious.

This week’s menu swap is hosted by Manda at Asparagus Thin so make sure you check out her menu and blog as well as all the other menu posts.  This week’s ingredient is onions.

Saturday:  Grilled wild caught Sockeye Salmon with dill and garlic and a dill horseradish yogurt sauce and creamed spinach (with onions).

Sunday:  Over at a friends for grilled leg of lamb

Monday:  On the road 🙁 for work, of course.  All these night meetings mess with my cooking routine.  Maybe I will pack a waffle turkey sandwich.  I really like using waffles for sandwich bread.

Tuesday:  Italian American

Stuffed Shells!  Finally!  I will be stuffing mine with a ricotta and Italian sausage mixture  and topping it off with marinara sauce and some fresh mozzarella.  Onions will certainly be a factor in this dinner.

Wednesday: Indian

Cardamon Chicken with garlic and onions, lemon basmati rice.  Maybe onion pakora if it isn’t too hot out.

Thursday: New Mexican

Green chile harvest!  I will roast them and make a green chile cheese tamale casserole with some red chile sauce on the side.  A side of pinto beans simmered with chipotle, jalapeno and onions sounds good too.

Friday: South American

Bolones de verde (plantains grated and made into a dough and stuffed with cheese) – a snack I had in Ecuador that is actually Colombian and hard to find a recipe so I will be tasting and creating from a memory over 15 years old!  Along with this, grilled grass fed beef ribeye steaks with chimichurri sauce (with onions,  parsley, oregano, cilantro in the sauce).  Some grilled veggies for a side dish.

Happy eating!  Next week I will be in Flagstaff AZ for work for 7 days and will be eating from a college cafeteria and therefore I will not be posting a menu.  I hope simply to survive!

i’m out

5 thoughts on “Menu of the Week: Onions

  1. Hurray Flagstaff! Easily my favourite arizona city, as i did grad school there a billion years ago. You can get staples at New Frontiers there, which is within walking distance of the school. Well, what isn’t within walking distance there, really, other than the mall. I hear rumor there’s a picazzo’s pizza there too, although I haven’t tried it. Have fun!

  2. Gaile,
    Sweet! Thanks for the tips! Is Picazzo’s a GF pizza place? I will eat there every night if so! If you have any other tips of things to see in the area, send them my way. We do get to go to the Grand Canyon for a day and I can’t wait!


  3. Sally,
    I always post my photos and then forget to blog about it. The duck was really good. We will definitely cook it again! I should blog about it, I have about 15 posts that I need to post, I will add it to the list.

    We muddled a bunch of garlic, fennel seed and rosemary together and then spread it between two duck breasts. I cut a little slit into the middle of each breast so that the stuffing would stay. First I seasoned the duck with salt and pepper, then we spread it on the inside of the breasts and tied them together so that the skin was on the outside (like a little piglet). The we browned it on all sides to make it crispy and finished it off in the oven. It was really good.
    Porchetta is a technique of roasting a whole pig in Italy where they apparently stuff it with the same ingredients and roast it all day. I think I would do this with a center cut pork loin for a crowd too.

    I found the link to the recipe (my boyfriend was the one searching for duck recipes):

    I wasn’t able to use the degreased pan juices as I stupidly poured them into a plastic container while really hot and the duck fat melted the container, so I lost the fat to use for something else too.

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