Tinkyada stuffed shells!!!

As discovered last night on the internets:  large shell pasta! Yippeee!  Now I can make stuffed shells – all we need is ravioli now….

Perhaps you all knew about the large shells already.  I didn’t.  We ordered a case (lifetime supply) from Amazon.  Look forward to them on the menu next week as I still have canned tomatoes from last year’s garden.

i’m out

7 thoughts on “Tinkyada stuffed shells!!!

  1. kate’s potsticker dough from gluten free gobsmacked would be perfect for ravioli. i’m planning on trying it as ravioli’s myself soon, if I can stop eating it as potstickers. soooo good.!

  2. That’s true. I have been meaning to try those potstickers as I adore potstickers! I have attempted GF ravioli, but I didn’t use my pasta roller, which was a mistake and they were pretty thick. Too thick.
    It will be nice to have the shells as an option. Maybe I will just sew them up with a rosemary spear and call them ravioli!


  3. Conte’s Pasta makes DELICIOUS ravioli—cheese, spinach and cheese, etc. I’ve purchased it at a health food store and have also ordered it directly from Conte’s. Try it. I’m not affiliated with Conte’s.

  4. You could make a sausage/spinach mixture and stuff them and top with tomato sauce and then sprinkle with a hard goat cheese or sprinkle with a bread crumb mixture with ground almonds in it. Or stuff them with a butternut squash mixture and treat them like a ravioli. I can’t wait until mine arrive!

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