Cocktail of the week: Peach Margaritas!

What do you do when you have a full bottle of tequila, you have given up corn syrup (as much as possible) so you don’t want to use limeade and someone graciously has dropped a bunch of super ripe fresh peaches?

peach margarita

Make peach margaritas of course!  The perfect Labor Day Weekend bevy, that is, if peaches are in season around your neck of the woods.

peach margarita

Take a blender, add about 1 cup of tequila, a glug of Cointreau (1/4 cup) or any orange liqueur, a long dash or two of lime juice, a slurp of simple syrup, 1.5 to 2 trays of ice cubes and about 3 small, peeled, slightly chopped peaches – more or less. I didn’t measure anything except the tequila. Blend away and pour into your glass and try not to swig it. Refreshing, peachy, cold, sweet and tangy!

peach margarita

What do you know, it is cocktail hour again! Happy Labor Day weekend!

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