Menu of the week: Tofu

Hi all!  I am back from beautiful Flagstaff AZ and Santa Fe NM.

grand canyon, Bright Angel hike

I didn’t get glutened once in 11 days of travel eating non of my own cooking.  Needless to say, I am raring to cook up some deliciousness now and want big bold flavorful dishes to make up for a few bland ones over the last two weeks or so.  Green chile harvest has just started in NM and in my backyard.  I could eat green chiles most days.  As soon as I have enough ripe ones, I roast them, peel them and put them in the freezer for use all winter.

I am so backed up on posts about everything that is it hard to focus, at least with the menu planning, it is nice and easy.

I love tofu and to my happiness, so does my darling BF.  With all of his other textural food pickiness, I would have thought that tofu would be off the list, but he embraces the tofu and eats it right up.  So do I.  I have many different recipes for tofu, but since I have been posting about those off and on over the last few years, I am going to try a few new ones.

This week’s menu swap is hosted by Wheatstate Celiac so make sure you check out Jyesika’s blog for all the tofu menus.

Sunday: Southwest

Green chile stew with roasted green chiles from the garden and garden tomatoes


Lunch:  Green chile mac and cheese

Dinner: Deep South:  Book of Yum’s Southern fried tofu, Granny’s green beans (overcooked pole beans with onion and bacon) and Southern style risotto – not sure what this will entail yet as I have to make it up.  What?? I have 6 hours still! jalapeno onion hush puppies based on this recipe altered to be GF, why not? Or based on this chef’s reviews and alterations of this recipe, since it is already GF. Or this one.

Tuesday:   Asian/Vietnamese

Tofu water chestnut lettuce wraps (like PF Changs) and bun cha (Vietnamese grilled pork over rice noodles and herbs.  I will be combining several recipe styles to create the dish.

Wednesday and Thursday: on the road for work – it never ends.  I am almost caught up with board meetings.

Friday: Southwest again! (Or we might take off for the weekend to a cottage on a lake up North with friends) Blue corn green chile chicken enchiladas. I am obviously on a green chile kick.

Baked sweet of the week:  Key Lime Meltaways (adapted to be GF)

Happy eating!

Sage brush

i’m out