High Holy Food Magazine Day

That’s right, in terms of food and cooking magazines, it is the day I look forward to the most every year.

The Bon Appetit Thanksgiving issue is here!  As many things as I dislike about Bon Appetit, the Thankgiving issue makes up for most of it.  This also means that within days, the Gourmet Thanksgiving issue will be arriving.

heritage turkeys

I will admit, it is only September, but already last week I started thinking about what we wanted to do for my favorite holiday, the one that honors tradition, history, food, friends and family – Thanksgiving.

In the face of tradition I was thinking of doing a pork loin on the grill, or something with pork to give thanks to our piggies – Speck and Parma.
parma and speck speck and parma
We hope to be butchering them around the middle of November.  I have also considered doing the turkey on the rotisserie grill.  Again this year, our turkey will be from my brother’s organically raised heratige turkeys.

heritage turkeys

I am also considering rice instead of potatoes – if I can get away with it. I do love my potatoes but a change of pace might be interesting.
So, let the planning begin!

i’m out

One thought on “High Holy Food Magazine Day

  1. I remember unplugging my phone so I could read my Thanksgiving issue of Gourmet undisturbed. Ahh, the good old days of lots of gluten and no cell phones!

    I’m thinking of serving shrimp and beef tenderloin with potatoes and salad. It’s my first gluten free Thanksgiving. I might try a pumpkin creme brulee for dessert. I’m lousy with gf pie crusts and I want to play with my cool little butane torch.

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