Menu Swap Thursday, I missed Monday :Chocolate

First, I would like to mention that in honor of chocolate, Eby ( my boyfriend’s name, I am tired of typing BF and think Manda has the right idea) and I will be making bourbon chocolate truffles.

Now to the menu.  Cheryl of Gluten Free Goodness is temporarily taking over the Gluten Free Menu Swap as Natalie is feeling very under the weather with her pregnancy.  So, even though it is Thursday, go over to GFG and check out the other menus for inspiration and see what is growing still in Cheryl’s (to be envious) Southern Bell garden. This is what I have been cooking and plan to cook for the rest of the week:

Monday: Braised pork (the last piece from our pork share from the depths of the freezer) with potatoes in a tomato, rosemary, garlic sage broth and polenta with sage, shallots and pancetta, oh and broccoli.

Tuesday: Got back late – cocktail hour at my friends!  Mrs Leepers Cheeseburger Mac – gluten free and tasted just like my hamburger helper college days.  For emergencies, I would by this again!  But don’t tell anybody.  We did at least use grass fed beef.

Wednesday: Roasted 1/2 Tarragon Chicken on a bed of leeks with marjoram risotto.  The chicken was raised by my brother and was free range, organic and very good! Local leeks too.  I will try to post this creation when I get a chance.

Thursday: Grilled eggplant cannelloni stuffed with sausage and cheese sitting on a bed of fresh marinara – side of pasta is pending.

Friday:  Indian!  Oh I love me some Indian cooking.  Dosas with coconut chutney and saag paneer and the other dishes are yet to be determined.  Perhaps aloo pakora with a cilantro mint chutney and some raita.

i’m out

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  1. ha! Never in my life have I thought of myself as a southern belle, I grew up in NY and lived in CA. But your menu looks awesome! I’d love to hear more about the Indian dishes.

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