January Deep Fry Fridays! January 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd!

It is the dead of winter in Michigan, even though it seems it just started.  Time for a little fun.  Time for Deep Fry Fridays!  Of course you can choose any day of the week you would like, as long as you try to deep fry.  I have wanted a commerical french fry cutter for 11 years and finally I got one for my birthday!  Added to that, we received a deep fryer for Christmas, so expect some crispy morsels from our neck of the cold woods.

So, who is in?  This will be a hosted, posted event, so if you are deep frying, send me a link to your fry post and I will gather them here to make everyone drool.  I think we should try this for one month – January – to beat the post holiday duldrums.

Many of you out there reading this blog also have Celiac and know that we can never plan to eat anything deep fried in a restaurant unless they have a dedicated fryer, which is rare except at fast food joints.  This January feature is, in part, to help us get over the lack of crispy deep fried goodies that others can indulge in.  So, get creative and swap your ideas right here!

I think we will be starting out with perfecting the fresh cut fry and a few batters.  I feel a blooming onion in the future as well as mozzarella balls with marinara sauce.  Fish and chips?  Tempura?  Stay tuned to see what we all come up with!

i’m out

5 thoughts on “January Deep Fry Fridays! January 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd!

  1. Well, so far no one has joined in the deep fry fest. Could be because not very many folks read the blog! Or everyone is thinking healthy now that the holidays are over. We had to swap today with yesterday due to guests arriving and will be making mini mozz balls with marinara this eve! I can’t wait!
    Are you part of the dcgluties, but moved to Chicago? Since you live in Chicago – You should go to the Hopleaf on the Northside near Edgewater – both their pomme frites and their onion strings are gluten free and they have plenty of cider and wine to drink!

  2. Hi Sally!
    I think once a month would be great and probably a lot healthier! Maybe I should change it to deep fry last Friday of the month or something! Or deep fry on a Friday, any fry-day. Mostly I want to help folks realize that they can cook the stuff they can’t order in restaurants anymore, and make it better. If we get some interest we can make it a monthly event in the future – get everyone using those Turkey cookers they have in their garage.


  3. I’m up for frying at once a month or so. I’ve never tried it at home since I don’t have a frier. But I do have a big dutch over, so that would work. I want fish and chips! Tempura would be good too. My local Asian restaurant has tempura batter mix that is only rice and tapicoa flour.

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