Deep Fry Fridays – now a once a month feature

Due to common sense and the need to deep fry, we will be switching the ol’ deep fry Friday feature from every Friday for a month to the last Friday of the Month, or any day you want to deep fry in a given month. In fact, even my plans changed and my deep fry Friday ended up on Sunday due to company in the house. But the wait was worth it:

deep fried mozzarella balls and marinara sauce

Hungry yet?

melted mozzarella balls deep fried mozzarella balls and marinara sauce

They were gooey and tangy and crunchy. I used waffle bread crumbs for the coating and added some Italian seasoning. Dip them in beaten egg, roll in bread crumbs, dip again, roll again, toss in the deep fryer. I used a very small pot with a thermometer to tell me the temp. I used maybe 1.5 cups of oil heated to around 375F. The oil, due to the breadcrumbs, was not salvageable after wards, so I am glad I didn’t use the deep fryer.

deep frying mozzarella balls

It took me all of 10 minutes to throw these together and fry them. Quick, easy, tasty and something celiacs can’t order out in a restaurant (thus the justification for doing it at home).  Of course I had the homemade marinara (from garden tomatoes) already made in the freezer but that doesn’t take long either.

deep fried mozzarella balls and marinara sauce

So, tell me what day you are frying in a given month and what you plan to fry and send me your link and I will post it here. Eby is working on a new blog design for me and I hope to be able to have a Deep Fry Friday link or folder of some sort so that folks can check back. Me, I am shooting for the last Friday of the month, just for consistency’s purpose. Join in on the fun!

i’m out

4 thoughts on “Deep Fry Fridays – now a once a month feature

  1. Oh you tempting vixen!

    (Tee hee, I just wanted to say that)

    Anyways, tonight I went crazy in the kitchen and deep fried my little heart out. I SO have a yummy Chinese-Japanese-Korean fusion deep fried Lotus root dish with this events’ name ALL over it. Can I play? (although it will be hard to wait until the last friday this month to post… )


  2. Of course you can play. I just need to figure out how to link it so that it is on my page regardless of a Friday. I will get Eby on it! Sounds tasty! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. What kind of oil are you using? And do you save it, and then use it again after storing? I don’t deep fry at all because I know next to nothing about it — but, boy, I sure do miss it!!

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