Menu of the Week Jan 19th: (One year of menus) lentils and dal

dal curry with yogurt and cilantro

This week marks one year of posting menus, posting them every week but a couple that we were on vacation or out of town for work. Wow! I keeping thinking I should just go back and recook the same menus, but there are so many more things to experiment with, so many new flavors to try, that I can’t. I have tried not to repeat much in the last year. If we did, it was usually on the off menu day (like a Saturday) or with a slight variation.
You have no reason to be, but I am proud of myself. I might be a little too organized these days. Someone says, hey let’s go out on Friday and I think, no, I already have that meal planned and posted and was looking forward to it. I typically just go out to lunch.
I digress.
This week’s ingredient highlights are lentils and dals and this week’s host is Sea over at Book of Yum. She has a great blog and is always posting wonderful looking international delights that even I can’t pronounce. Make sure you check out her menu as well as the many others that will be posting their menus. I love dals and have a variety of lentils in the house right now. Unfortunately my sweetie won’t even look at them, so I will be eating them alone. Since I have Monday off, I have decided to make an Aloo Dal for my lunch. Added to that, we are going out for Brunch (today/Sunday) to our favorite local Indian restaurant, Sindu’s, where I can typically eat everything that is not naan or deep fried. On Sundays they have dosas! I love dosas! And I love an occasion to go out to brunch, my friend Patty’s birthday. There will be dal there too and plenty of other lentil dishes and I plan to indulge.

Sunday:  lunch: Sindus with friends; dinner: Polpettone Ripieno, with Glutino spaghetti, homemade marinara and arugula salad

Monday MLK Day off:  lunch: aloo dal; dinner: Jagerschnitzel (with our pork) with rotkohl and maybe, maybe some spaetzle too, although I have a tough time making decent gf spaetzle – but I do have gf gnocchi in the freezer and that would be a great substitute.  If make them I will add dill as I am still in a dilly mood.

Tuesday: Singapore noodles with chicken and spring rolls – using brown rice vermicelli for this dish

Wednesday: Corned beef and cabbage, pulling from the freezer stock and I need to use it before it
goes on sale in March again.

Thursday: On the road for work

Friday: Grilled herbed cod, grilled asparagus and grilled polenta

grilled asparagus and grilled polenta

Unfortunately I have no pictures of any of the dals I have made in the past, so you get grilled polenta instead. Thought I would post a pic since I just made it for lunch and it is tasty!
i’m out

5 thoughts on “Menu of the Week Jan 19th: (One year of menus) lentils and dal

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  2. Don’t mind the photo of grilled polenta at all. Yum. Question about local beef since you seem to know so much about local eating. Can the flavor of the meat vary from cow to cow? Like one side of beef very sweet and flavorful. The next kinda gamey or livery tasting. My imagination?

  3. Yes, it can vary! I am working on finding some less “grassy” beef around here. is a site that lists many many farmers to buy from.
    I think the gamey taste is from the fat. If there is too much fat on the grass fed beef cut, I really try to trim as much as possible, but it also seems like it depends where the fat is from, outside or in the marbling. The marbleing fat seems fine, the stuff on the edges is more grassy.

    I think the type of steer or cow makes a difference too. We have been eating Beltie and it has a very lamby grassy taste to me sometimes. I am searching for some Dexter, Devon and Scottish Highlander beef sources right now. My boss raises the Belties and mentioned that the breed of the animal does make a difference.

  4. Thanks for the confirmation. My daughter has refused to eat any of the beef from my last purchase from a local farm. I keep trying to disguise it in stews and she still tastes it. She is also one of those people who can tell what herbs and spices are in a complex dish. A super taster.

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