Menu of the week Feb 9th: Chocolate!

Ah Chocolate!  You either crave it all the time, or not so much.  I am in the not so much category, but I do like my chocolate, it just has to be good chocolate.  I don’t crave it.  I am more of a salt than sweet tooth.  If there is any week to like chocolate, this is the one.  Since this week includes Valentine’s Day, I will embrace chocolate in souffle form and pair it with raspberry (chocolate is better with raspberry don’t you think?), but I am also using chocolate in a savory dish.  As long as we are on the chocolate topic, if you haven’t seen Like Water for Chocolate, you really, really must (esp if you like cooking and Mexico) and see it in the undubbed original Spanish version with subtitles.  Do not watch the dubbed version, you lose everything.

chocolate souffle

Our host for the menu swap this week is M-Elle of Cooking and Uncooking .  I am certain there will be some great gluten free chocolate desserts posted this week, so check them out.

Sunday:  Smokey pork (our pork) on the charcoal grill, low and slow in the sunshine. Potatoes Dauphiniose with both sweet and local potatoes plus Gruyere and grilled asparagus.  I am using my Mexi rub and added  cocoa powder, coriander and brown sugar to the rub.

Monday: Homemade pizza!  Deep dish or thin crust, to be determined.  Using our canned tomatoes and our frozen tomato paste and herbs from the indoor garden for the sauce.  No homemade mozzarella yet, but soon!

Tuesday:  Vietnamese crab and tofu soup with a Vietnamese cabbage salad and maybe attempting scallion pancakes.

Wednesday: Pesto Risotto and grilled salmon with spicy black butter

Thursday: Gumbo with okra, tomatoes, andouille sausage and chicken over rice (maybe dirty rice maybe not)

Friday: Indian, pork kofta curry balls (based on the linked recipe), rice, dal and maybe I can work a cabbage potato curry dish in there too.  I recently had a great one at our local Indian restaurant, the potatoes were tangy with lots of cilantro and black mustard seeds in the dish.

Saturday (Valentine’s Day): Cheese fondue appetizer with Whole Foods Sourdough GF  bread and apples for dunking,  Scallops (for me, fish for Eby) with beurre blanc sauce and angel hair pasta, green salad with sustainably raised hearts of palm, tangerine supremes, red onion and a dijon viniagrette , chocolate souffle with raspberry eau de vie whipped cream Going to eat the Trader Joes GF flourless chocolate cake I forgot I had in the freezer for emergency dessert needs when traveling.  We made a raspberry puree with a bit of Grand Mariner to go with it.  L.Mawby Sparkling wine from Leelanau County. Martini’s and cocktails instead of wine.

6 thoughts on “Menu of the week Feb 9th: Chocolate!

  1. What’s you opinion on Whole Foods GF stuff? I’ve heard stories of both good and bad in trusting of how gluten free/cross-contaminant free their breads really are.

  2. Rebecca,
    I am going to attempt this corn and tapioca starch combo and add hot water. Supposed to work for rolling out rice dumplings. We will see!
    I am looking forward to watching it this weekend and will take careful note of some of those recipes.
    I haven’t really had very much of Whole Food’s stuff as it is all the same shade, expensive and dense. What I have had, I have not reacted to. I will let you know with the sourdough. I thought they had a dedicated bakery, but I could be wrong. I am excited to have fondue with a nice tangy loaf.

  3. Scallion pancakes sound wonderful! Your whole menu sounds delightful, actually. Wish I could come for dinner!

    I was really surprised to hear any question of Whole Foods GF products as the bakehouse products ARE produced in a gluten-free bakery (in North or South Carolina, forget which). The dry mixes are also produced in a GF facility and this is clearly stated on the package. I’ve never had any problem with them whatsoever, and am a big fan of their sundried tomato bread, bread mix, and corn muffin mix. Some people may have digestive issues with some of the ingredients (bean or soy flour is in some of them) but I am completely confident that they are 100% gluten-free. I’m not such a big fan of their pizza crust, rolls, but like their other stuff. Too bad it is so pricey here in California.


  4. Oh, the scallion pancakes didn’t work. I tried making this dough from corn and tapioca starch, a mix that I found at the Asian market for making clear dumplings and it would not set enough to work. So I added rice flour and it still looked bad, then I had the brilliant idea of turning the mix in to bread as some of the bread recipes call for lots of starch, added a few ingredients and some yeast and let it rise. It rose but was a brick, a real one, a very white brick! So, next time I will try more of a rice flour mixture, like rice flour and boiling water, like Ming Tsai does. Or I will just stick to bahn xeo as those are easy and tasty!
    How was your vacation?
    We are trying the sourdough WF bread tomorrow with Trader Joe’s cheese fondue – I can’t wait! I am in a dunking mood. Am baking some Bette french bread today too. In the mood for grilled cheese and it has been too long since I made a loaf of bread (aside from this week’s brick).
    Happy Valentines Day!


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