Menu of the Week March 22: Latin Theme!

Happy Spring!
Here is a photo of my garden to be:
garden starts
One of my favorite themes for cooking here at home is the Americas, South, Central and North. To celebrate, we are embracing not one, but three Latin themed dinners this week (Eby was actually ready to do every night in a Latin theme), somehow they all involve pork or chicken, as of course that is what is in our large freezer.  Elizabeth of Weird and Surprisingly Good is the menu swap host this week.  Make sure you click on over there and check out the Latin-y menus around the Gluten Free blog world.

Sunday: GF Matzo ball chicken soup with dill – first attempt at Mazto balls, GF or non GF and well, it didn’t work.  Tasted good though.

Monday: Arepas with pulled pork and pickled onions maybe some pintos and salsa too.

Tuesday: Thai pad ped with Thai basil, beef and red curry (following my local Lamai restaurant style), fresh spring rolls with veggies and dipping sauce.

Wednesday: Puebla Chicken and potato stew

Thursday: Grilled fish (cod probably) with parsley, garlic, lemon and olive oil, grilled asparagus

Friday: Pork with Negro Mole Sauce ala Rick Bayless and Saveur Magazine.  Not sure what sides we will have, maybe a cucumber salad.

Ending with a photo of Truffle, our kitten laying next to the indoor garden in the sunlight, in bliss.
truffle in sunlight

i’m out

6 thoughts on “Menu of the Week March 22: Latin Theme!

  1. Ginger,
    My seed trays are empty. Procrastination and flu. Is it too late for me? Looked up that Puebla Chicken Stew. Chipotle and chicken thighs would do well here.
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. None of these comments made it to my email box for some reason or I would have responded sooner directly. Must figure out what changed.
    Sea, Truffle is such a little cutie pie, we gush over her every day.
    Wendy, it’s never too late to start seeds, you can plant most directly in the garden later in spring, you will just be harvesting in Oct, but they only take a week to germinate and start looking green. The puebla chicken was really good.
    Elizabeth, we made our arepas with cheese in them and then put pork in between, they are so good I really don’t know why I don’t make them more frequently!

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