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Chickens! A friend of a friend needed a home for his chickens and we volunteered.  The chickens arrived two weeks ago and seem to be settling in well. We are now chicken parents. I was afraid of the day, but now that it is here, no fear. They make the greatest cooing noises and seem pretty happy. They even give us 2 eggs every morning, from day one here at Ranch EbyHagen.

Right now their names are Chavez and Castro even though they are girls. I figured good socialist names were in order with the whole a chicken in every yard/pot theory and since they are our Urban Revolution Chickens, they should have revolutionary names. Future chickens names may revert to Greta and Maude or something completely different. However, these are the first city chickens and they need names that fit with the moment. These gorgeous photos were taken by our friend Kate. You can tell which ones I took down further. Makes the case for a good camera and the knowledge to use it!

castro has her eye on you

chavez in shadows

I have been playing in the garden, planting my cold season starts and filling up the herb bed with cold tolerant herbs, tilling up the back 40 (ok, it is only about 24’x30′). The tomatoes and peppers are still hardening off and must wait another week to go in the ground. Raised beds will be filled with peppers and the 70 tomato plants will simply have to fit in the 24×30 plot.  Pole beans will be planted to grow up the side of the wooden fence and the berry bushes will be moved to the front yard, hopefully.   Next up, finishing our storage shed and building a luxury coop that holds a few more chickens with a lot more space. The chickens are eating our veggie scraps that would have gone in the compost and are quite happy with lots of green snacks every day.



chickens and truffle

We will give you some garden photos next week!

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2 thoughts on “Chickens and Gardens

  1. We’ve got chickens too, 12 of them. The are easy to take care of and it is so nice to always have a supply of fresh eggs. I think it is totally cool that people are doing this. It makes perfect sense!

  2. Kim,
    I am glad the spring rolls worked for you! I make a huge batch and freeze them. One of our chickens hurt her foot when we opened the coop to give them fresh water last night and they had started to roost and were very upset. Now she is nursing her foot and we don’t quite know what to do – found a farm animal vet in the next town over. Any experiences with sore chicken feet?


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