And we’re back!

From Mexico that is.  Sometimes you need a recharge and sometimes you just plain need to get out of the country and experience another culture’s food.  We needed and found both.

In the coming weeks we will be posting our version of several different tasty treats (all gluten free) that we enjoyed to the fullest in Mexico.  Empanandas made only with masa, pork in chile verde sauce, tamales and homemade tortillas to sop up the sauce, shrimp tostadas and sopes, little masa saucers filled with pork or beef in a red chile sauce.  But for now, we are catching up on our spinach, broccoli and tomato sauce cravings after two weeks of street food in Mexico, so these photos will have to suffice:

Mexican garnishesCheese emapanada made wtih masa
tortilla making on an open firepork in chile verde, Chacala
finished sopeSalsa

Hungry yet?
i’m out