Crepes Sweet or Savory? Gluten free ratio rally

I have fond memories of crepes. Back in college, I studied in Germany while a friend of mine studied in Rennes, France. Rennes might not be the crepe capital of France, but it has to be close. We would walk into a creperie, sit, drink a cider and order ham and cheese crepes or chocolate crepes or mushroom crepes. I need to dig out one of those photos. I probably didn’t take pictures of food then as I do now but I might have some nice shots of sidewalk cafes.

Crepes are this month’s Gluten free ratio rally’s challenge. Crepes are an easy one to tackle since the best crepes are very delicately handles so as to not work up the gluten. This makes them a great gluten free item to make. Our host this month is T.R. Crumbley so stop on by their blog and read about this month’s rally.

I followed Michael Ruhlman’s ratio of 2:2:1 for liquid eggs flour. Since it was just me, I made a half batch following the ratio recommendations. They turned out great!

Ingredients (for 3 largish crepes):

4 oz of whole local milk

4 oz of egg (this equaled one egg from my chickens in the back yard)

2 oz of gluten free flour mix (i used 1.5 oz sorghum flour and .5 oz of potato starch)

1 tbs of melted butter


Melt the butter and throw it all in the blender or food processor. Whirl until combined and let it rest 1/2 hour or so. Add a tad of butter to a heated skillet. I used a non stick skillet that was on the larger side. Pour in some of your batter. Swirl it about until it looks like a raw crepe and coats the pan and let it cook. Cooking only takes a minute or two. As soon as mine started to bubble a bit at the edges, I added my crepe ingredients. Let them heat for a moment and then folded my crepe over in half and then in half again.

Crepe fillings I used:

Bavarian ham, swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and dots of an herb butter that has chives and parsley in it.


Which crepes were best? Both. Somehow I took pictures of the nutella crepe only on my phone and not on the camera. So imagine oozing chocolate leaking out the corners.

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